Lubricants Recommendation™ – A range of database products used by the leading oil suppliers in the Asia Pacific region to sell high volume and high value lubricant products to end use consumers.

Since the early 1960s, some of the world’s leading lubricant suppliers have selected PC LubeTM, Net LubeTM and our range of high quality marketing publications and tools to help sell their products to motorists and workshops in the Asia Pacific.

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The Lubricant Recommendations database matches equipment manufacturers’ lubricant specifications with the latest lubricant products from the world’s leading oil companies. Whatever your point of sale lubricant marketing needs are, we have the experience, information, ability and passion to deliver it. Our solutions create:

  1. ACCURACY – Highly experienced and knowledgeable team of technical analysts
  2. CERTAINTY – Coverage for the lubrication needs of virtually every piece of powered equipment on the market
  3. TRUST – Research and assessment processes established in the 1960’s

The resulting recommendations assist in fast and accurate lubricant selection for a comprehensive range of engines, transmissions, differentials and hydraulics across 13 different categories of vehicles, machinery and equipment:

  • Cars, wagons, utilities and car-type 4WDs
  • Commercial vehicles – light / medium and 4WDs
  • Commercial vehicles – heavy and 4WDs
  • Motorcycles – road, agricultural and trail
  • Marine – outboard motors
  • Marine – in-board (stern drives)
  • Marine – in-board engines

  • Industrial and stationary engines (petrol and diesel)
  • Power saws and light power products
  • Lawnmowers, including garden tractors
  • Farm tractors and machinery
  • Earthmoving, construction and industrial equipment
  • Industrial vehicles, including forklifts


Lubrication and Tune-up Guide – Australia’s ultimate auto guide with up to 15 years of service information and easy-to-understand diagrams on over 1,000 passenger cars, utilities, 4WDs, light commercials and popular diesels. Published since 1962, its wide ranging compilation of technical information is tailored to the needs of the automotive service and repair industry.

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The Lubrication & Tune-Up Guide 2017 is offered as a Book or on CD, with extended vehicle coverage available via the Internet. The CD version includes additional workshop tools enabling the preparation of detailed customer quotes, tax invoices, repair orders and tracking of customer and vehicle history.

  • Alternator outputs
  • Auto transmission adjustments
  • Brake servicing & bleeding
  • Engine identification
  • Lubricant specs
  • Power, torque & tune-up specs

  • Recommended service intervals
  • Serpentine belt layouts
  • Timing belt layout
  • Wheel alignment specs
  • Wheel bearing adjustments
  • Metric conversions, and more…


Data Consulting – All Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) own mountains of data elements. The question is – how do they use it to achieve the best aftersales performance for all stakeholders?

Our Data Consulting team have decades of experience in helping OEMs answer this question. We have consistent approaches to data management, have great systems to manipulate and manage data, and we have the ability to localise data and turn it into meaningful information.

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Our expertise covers systems, data creation and management for:

  • Parts Catalogues
  • Supersessions
  • Accessories
  • Service and repair operations
  • Vehicle specifications
  • Technical information

With insights built up over many years, our Analysts are amongst the most knowledgeable in the field.