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5 Steps for Service Success

By May 26, 2016February 6th, 2017Service Drive

With customers having so many different options and choices out there in relation to servicing and repairing their vehicle, it’s absolutely imperative that dealerships focus on improving their Service Department and the service experience that they provide.

Looking to stand out from the competition and improve your service revenue, customer retention and staff efficiency?


Here are some of our top tips for boosting the success of your Service Department:

  1. Provide vehicle health check reports
    An electronic vehicle health check (eVHC) system such as Superservice Triage maximises service revenue by helping technicians identify more repair work through a guided, measurable and accountable inspection process. Offering customers a full vehicle health check might uncover an issue they were unaware of, demonstrating duty of care and assuring customers that their vehicle is being looked after.
  2. 5-steps-to-service-success-devicesBe open and transparent
    Build certainty and trust with customers by keeping them engaged throughout the entire service process. Be open and transparent by providing a detailed vehicle inspection report, complete with photo/video evidence. Customers feel more comfortable authorising additional repair work when they can see the extent of the issue, and have all the facts and evidence to make an informed decision.
  3. Follow up with customers
    Sometimes, customers may find reasons to decline recommended repairs. However, Superservice Triage eVHC system has a follow-up calendar feature, so that Service Advisors can get in touch with customers before the declined work becomes a potential safety issue. This courteous and timely contact demonstrates care and builds customer retention, while maximising service revenue that could have been lost to the competition.
  4. Empower your service staff
    Using a VIN-specific eVHC system such as Superservice Triage streamlines your dealership’s entire service process and makes service staff more efficient. The automatic pricing of parts and labour sales means technicians don’t have to wait at Parts and Service counters, and vehicle inspections are completed in minutes. The accurate information also empowers your service staff to sell additional work with more confidence.
  5. Use a dedicated reporting tool
    Superservice Triage eVHC system stores data from every vehicle inspection, so Service Managers and Advisors can analyse that information to identify trends, opportunities and any areas of improvements in their service chain performance. It also measures the individual performance of Service Advisors and technicians, making them more accountable and pinpointing any required training.

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