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5 ways to boost your Service Department’s productivity

By November 7, 2016October 11th, 2017Service Drive

A busy and productive Service Department is essential to any dealership. It’s a certainty that vehicle owners need a dependable and quality dealership that will not only routinely service their vehicle, but also identify any underlying repair issues that might not be immediately obvious.

Could your Service Department do better?

Your Service Department is an essential part of your dealership and in the best possible position to build trust and confidence in you as a service provider.

It’s crucial that each member of your service team is given the tools they need to maximise their performance, so they can work productively, identify new potential work, close sales and deliver above customer expectations.

Are your service processes efficient?

Until a few years ago, the majority of Service Departments were using a paper-based checklist to assess a vehicle’s health – and many still are. If you expect your service staff to work at an optimum level, having an electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) system that can capture repair work, customer and vehicle information, along with productivity levels of dealership personnel, is an effective way to improve service processes.

Most dealerships are now using eVHCs

A growing number of successful dealerships are now investing in eVHCs to improve and extend their service offering and empower service staff to highlight, convert and work more efficiently.

This digital vehicle inspection is carried out during routine service work on a tablet or mobile, by a Service Technician. It gives customers a comprehensive assessment of the current health of their vehicle and may uncover repair issues they were unaware of. Data that is captured during the vehicle inspection can be shared and emailed to customers, along with any relevant photo and video evidence. However, an eVHC does far more than just that.

It also helps technicians identify more repair work through a guided, measurable and accountable inspection process, so staff can do their job more efficiently without any wasted time or lost productivity.

Through a clever reporting suite, managers can better understand, review and refine their service offerings, based on actual data. This intelligence can be used as a platform for positive change and to improve any weak areas in your Service Department.

Top tips for boosting your Service Department’s productivity

Here are some general tips for ensuring you get the most out of your Service Department:

  1. Set high standards: Customers want and demand service quality throughout their experience. Remind your staff what you expect of them and equip them with the tools they need.
  2. Use the latest technology: Improve service processes, staff efficiency and productivity by using an eVHC system.
  3. Track your performance: Get an eVHC system with comprehensive reporting features to help you track and monitor your Service Department’s performance.
  4. Always strive for more: Complacency doesn’t pay. Address any weak areas and keep striving to improve.
  5. Listen: Build stronger customer relationships by listening to your customers and being transparent with them.