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6 questions to ask yourself about your Service Department

By April 27, 2017August 31st, 2017Service Drive

Is your Service Department performing at its best, or is there still room for improvement? To help you unlock your true potential, here are some questions to ask yourself about your Service Department.

Do you know how good your Service Department is?

As a busy manager, you need instant access to the data and intelligence that defines how your Service Department is performing. If not, how can you make informed decisions?

Do you have a handle on your Service Department’s productivity? If not, maybe it’s time to sit down and review what you do know, what you need to know and what systems are available to help you better manage your team.

Move forward with confidence

You’d be surprised by how many Service Managers are in the dark when it comes to understanding, measuring and reporting on their Service Department’s performance. Without access to any qualitative or quantitative data about individual staff performance, conversion successes and failures, or general sales performance, there is very little information on how they can improve.

Do you have all the answers?

Here are questions you should be asking about your Service Department:

  1. Room for improvement? Do you know how good your staff are at delivering a superior service experience – from the moment a customer steps into your reception, to the time they collect their vehicle? It’s important to track every step of your service process so that you can keep improving your Service Department.
  2. Are your customers satisfied? Do customers leave your Service Department feeling impressed, disappointed or indifferent? Providing a positive customer experience influences a customer’s decision to return to your Service Department for future repairs. It may also lead to a referral, which secures your ongoing dealership success.
  3. Do your Service Technicians/Advisors identify potential problems? When a customer pops into your Service Department, are your Service Technicians or Advisors able to identify issues in an efficient manner? Can they carry out a quick, on-the-spot multi-point inspection on the service drive? Using an electronic Multi-Point Inspection (eMPI) system will reveal any underlying problems and identify additional work that customers may have been unaware of.
  4. Does your Service Department convey information in a transparent way? Customers like to understand (and see) what is wrong with their vehicle. Is your Service Department in a position to provide customers with a comprehensive report on their vehicle, with full details on repairs and associated costs, along with photo and video evidence of the recommended repair work?
  5. Are your Technicians efficient service providers? How long do your service staff take to inspect and work on a vehicle? Do you have systems in place to monitor the efficiency and effectiveness of your Technicians?
  6. Are you still using paper-based MPI? Paper-based Multi-Point Inspection sheets may be slowing down your service staff. Providing your Service Technicians with a user-friendly electronic Multi-Point Inspection system makes their job easier and improves their efficiency. Using paper-based Multi-Point Inspection sheets means Service Managers need to manually compile and analyse the results, making it harder to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Have you considered eMPIs?

Advanced eMPI systems such as Superservice, are equipping Service Departments and Service Managers with the accurate and measurable data they need to deliver an even better service experience for their customers. It provides comprehensive analytics, and statistical information is presented in a way that suits different management styles and information preferences.

When armed with this actionable intelligence, it’s much easier and efficient for both Service Technicians and Service Advisors to put steps in place for improvement. The added boost in performance will also translate to a boost in bottom line profits.


Superservice Triage eVHCSuperservice by Infomedia is a real-time, VIN-specific electronic Multi-Point Inspection system. It empowers dealerships to increase revenue, improve their Service Department’s productivity and build customer trust.