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Aftersales 2020: The Future of Parts and Service Operations

By November 27, 2014April 27th, 2017Think Tank

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In order to get to know our customers and their needs better, we embarked on a journey to discover what the dealership and the automaker influencers think of the current state of the global parts and service industry, and how they envision Fixed Operations to look like in 2020.

The intent of the discussions was not to predict the future, but to further create discussions that lead to creating the future the way dealerships and automakers think it should be. Our goal is to offer insights that will stand as a beacon of possibility, pointing to an exciting and rewarding future for both automakers and dealerships.

Aftersales2020-digital-consoleIn all, we interviewed 26 individuals, including one dealer association representative and one highly successful dealership parts manager. The interviewees worked for Ford, Hyundai, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, KIA, MOBIS, Renault, Toyota, and Volvo, or their associates.
After interviewing the industry leaders, we documented and published their thoughts in our white paper titled ‘Aftersales 2020’.

The vision for year 2020 points to the industry utilising computer power, data and analytics in increasingly diverse ways. The access to ‘Big Data’ will make it possible and necessary to begin to address customers as individuals rather than as marketing categories. IT advancements in data collection, improved alliances between automakers and dealers, and a focus on process control will facilitate a new level of service customer engagement.

Published every week, we will share the leaders’ perspectives on the current situation, the vision for 2020, and the ‘Bridge’ that will help turn the vision into reality.

We hope you enjoy this thought provoking series.

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  2. The Future of Technology in Vehicles
  3. Turn your Data into Information
  4. Connectivity and the Role of the Internet
  5. How to Increase Customer Growth and Retention
  6. Aftersales: A Collaboration Between Automakers and Dealerships
  7. Aftersales: Parts vs Service
  8. Improving Parts Inventory for Greater Efficiency
  9. Increasing Customer Engagement in the Service Driveway
  10. Get to know your Customers on Social Media