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What are the benefits of an eVHC system?

By September 26, 2017Service Drive

What are the benefits of using an eVHC system?Superservice Triage eVHC

When a vehicle is brought into a dealership for its routine service work, it pays to do a thorough vehicle health check! Using an electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) system helps technicians identify additional repair issues. It can also generate a complete vehicle inspection report that can be sent to the customer in an easy-to-understand format. The whole eVHC process is transparent, creating goodwill between the service provider and customer, and leading to more opportunities to upsell.

With more and more dealerships across the world using an eVHC system to turn their aftersales operations around, it seems that it’s not just a question of adopting the system, but how far it can improve your performance.

Not all eVHC systems are the same

Not all eVHC systems are the same, so it’s important for you to take time to evaluate the system before implementing it.

Superservice Triage eVHC system has a series of clever, in-built features aimed to help your dealership and technicians. Here are some of the features and benefits you can expect to see in our demonstration:

Features Benefits
Tablet-based eVHC Identify and sell more repair work with a digital, guided approach for every RO.
Integrated photo and video Provide photo and video evidence to help explain the recommended repair work. This builds trust and transparency with customers, making them more likely to approve the repair work.
Customer vehicle inspection report Improve customer experience and retention by providing customers with an informative, easy-to-understand and professionally presented vehicle inspection report. The report can also be emailed, giving customers the flexibility to view the report and authorise work online.
Integrated VIN-precise menus With full integration to Superservice Menus VIN-precise quoting; parts, labour, shop supplies, quantities and pricing are instantly available. Staff are empowered to quote quickly and accurately for complex repairs, reducing the time spent researching parts information and labour times.
Real-time reporting Make better decisions with access to comprehensive real-time analytics. It gives you the key insights to increase staff performance, sales closure and profits.
Job status alerts Visual status tracking and real-time alerts allows Service Advisors and Technicians to know where a vehicle is at any time, maximising the efficiency of the dealership’s service process.
Declined work follow up Superservice Triage automatically records declined work, and alerts Service Advisors to systematically contact customers at a future date. This empowers dealerships to maximise each eVHC and close sales that could otherwise slip to competitors.


If you’re interested in finding out the benefits an eVHC system can bring to your dealership, then sign up for a free demo of Superservice Triage!

Superservice Triage eVHCSuperservice Triage by Infomedia is a real-time, VIN-specific electronic Vehicle Health Check system. It empowers dealerships to increase revenue, improve their Service Department’s productivity and build customer trust.