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Customer Voice – Use It or Lose It!

By June 2, 2015February 6th, 2017Service Drive

Why it’s critical to know how your customer feels – in real-time

Traditional manual and ad hoc ways of trying to hear the “voice of the customer” through paper-based exit surveys tend to be short term, patchy and ineffective. These systems will often have the same inefficiencies as manual, paper-based multi-point inspections – they require additional time and resources for accurate processing and analysis.

Even with the best staff, processes and amenities, customers may still have an unsatisfactory experience. In an unfamiliar setting such as a service department, it’s also often not immediately obvious if a customer is unhappy. Some customers may strongly vocalise their displeasure, while others prefer to simply leave your dealership quietly, and make a note to take their business someplace else next time.

Listening, Acknowledgement and Appreciation

That’s why a customer-friendly tablet-based survey solution that processes customers’ feedback the moment it’s given, such as Superservice Insight, is an investment that can quickly pay dividends. Instant, actionable feedback gives management the opportunity to remedy any adverse customer opinion before they leave the dealership – meaning no customer has to leave your dealership unhappy.

This safeguards the dealership against poor online reviews, unhappy social media postings and damaging word of mouth that can quickly compromise your brand image and trustworthiness, and cost you future sales. Like a digital MPI system, the digital CSI system can track and store customer sentiment data through a graphical dashboard or comprehensive, yet easy-to-read graphs.

If you can’t accurately measure customer satisfaction, you can’t improve it. Customers want to be heard and know that their thoughts are listened to by someone who cares. Digital CSI systems such as Superservice Insight show that you listen and care about the customer’s service experience, and leave the customer feeling acknowledged and appreciated – increasing your chances of repeat business.