Use and security features of Infomedia Microcat V6 DVD’s

Infomedia licenses its Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) as an internet subscription service, called Microcat Live to authorised car manufacturer dealers and service centres.Authorised Dealers may also receive a Microcat V6 DVD as part of their Microcat Live subscription (on a per OEM basis).

Use of the Microcat DVD is governed by End User Licence Agreement,  requires a valid dongle for use and current payment of subscription fees

Microcat DVD’s are made for Ford Europe, Ford North America, Ford Asia Pacific, Hyundai and KIA

A DVD is also available for Nissan but uses on line verification (eg does not use a dongle)

The Microcat DVD is only for use by an authorised dealer and is not for public distribution.

A Microcat DVD is not valid for use after 75 days of the date stamp on the DVD. A first warning is given after 60 days.

Superseded DVD’s must be securely destroyed.

WARNING – Copying the DVD and / or deactivating security features may be a breach of local laws, including copyright and anti-hacking laws such as the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the EU Directive 2013/40/EU, UK Computer Misuse Act 1990, and Australian Cybercrime Act 2001 (Cth)

Please contact Infomedia Legal on if you suspect any copyright or trademark infringements.