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Empower your Entire Service Chain

By January 18, 2016February 6th, 2017Service Drive

Improve the way you communicate with customers, streamline job management by removing paper-based processes, and promote customer loyalty with a transparent sales process that meets new buyer expectations.

Superservice is the digital transformation of your Service Department for greater profitability, productivity and customer retention.

Superservice is leading edge technology that improves the productivity and profitability of OE Service Departments. It also works as a customer retention tool by building accuracy and certainty throughout the entire service process. The Superservice integrated solution supports: Online Service Appointments (Superservice Connect), VIN-precise Quoting (Superservice Menus), Electronic Vehicle Health Check (Superservice Triage), CSI Survey (Superservice Insight), Declined Work Follow-up (Superservice Triage) and Real-time Analytics (Superservice Triage).

Superservice Platform – Superior Customer Experience

With VIN-precise OE information and intuitive user interfaces, Superservice helps dealers provide service that customers understand and trust. It ensures that your customers stay informed, involved and in control of their vehicle’s servicing. The result? Customers who are trusting of your staff and repair recommendations. This leads to increased sales of parts and labour, improved customer satisfaction and higher CSI scores.

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