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How well do you know Hyundai Motor America?

By July 15, 2014February 6th, 2017Industry News/Trends

Test yourself on the auto company’s history in the U.S. market, vehicle lineup, and current market records. Answers appear elsewhere in this publication.

Good luck!

  1. 1000000th-hyunda-built-at-alabama-plantHas a Hyundai model ever earned the title North American Car of the Year? If so, which model/year?
  2. Which U.S. Auto Giant Served as Hyundai’s mentor in breaking into the U.S. Market?
  3. Which maintenance “first” is Hyundai known for? (Hint: it was introduced in 1991)
  4. Where is Hyundai’s first assembly plant in America?
  5. Which two Hyundai models have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as “Best Car for the Money?”
  6. What milestone did Hyundai achieve in the 1st quarter of 2013?
  7. Which Hyundai model earned “2013 Car of the Americas” during the press preview of the North American International Auto Show?
  8. Approximately how many Hyundai dealerships are currently in the U.S?
  9. What special incentive does Hyundai offer for its Sonata Hybrid?
  10. What was the first Hyundai model sold?


image 1: Celebration of the 1 millionth Hyundai built at this U.S. plant.
image 2: Although resembling an “H,” which many assume is for Hyundai, there is another explanation. According to Hyundai’s website, the logo actually illustrates two people – the company and the customer – shaking hands. Although not common in Asian culture, handshakes symbolize an agreement, a partnership, and mutual respect in Western Europe and the Americas. (Credit: