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An Insider’s Guide to Success: Aftersales Manager, Audi Southampton

By October 10, 2017Service Drive

Simon Boast, Aftersales Manager at Harwoods Audi in Southampton, is clear about the reasons behind the customer success that they have enjoyed. He believes that his decision to offer electronic Vehicle Health Checks (eVHC) to all of his customers has helped to turn around the performance of his Aftersales Department, whilst improving customer satisfaction. In his words, their secret has been to “aim high”.

Simon Boast knows all about the pressures of running a busy Aftersales Department

Audi Southampton has invested in Superservice Triage eVHC system, and Simon believes this has had a major impact on boosting customer satisfaction, improving sales conversions, and generally driving sales revenue upwards.

“The overall impact on our business has been huge,” said Simon.

“Workshop efficiency has improved and communication between departments and customers has been transformed. I now have all the information I need at the touch of a button, and can accurately predict and monitor our sales conversions – I couldn’t do that before. My Service Advisors can more easily identify and upsell new work opportunities, and Technicians do their job more efficiently.”

“My decision to offer eVHCs as part of our wider service and repair offering has had a measurable effect on our progress and performance as an Aftersales Department.”


The Audi Southampton Experience

When a vehicle arrives in the Audi Southampton dealership, a Technician will use Superservice Triage eVHC to identify if a vehicle is completely roadworthy. Any defects are instantly highlighted, shared with the Parts Department for pricing, and then sent to the Service Advisors. When a Service Advisor gets a vehicle health check alert, they instantly know there is an opportunity to make contact with a customer to discuss a repair issue. Dealerships have a duty of care to pass on any present or potential future problems that a vehicle has (or might have) so that they can be addressed.

Think like your customers and understand their needs
“The Audi service and repair team are at the forefront of our dealership and in a great position to build trust, confidence and belief in us as a service provider. By identifying new work potential and using this as a platform for enhancing our customer relationships, we’ve managed to significantly raise the bar when it comes to sales conversions,” said Simon.

“My decision to offer eVHCs as part of our wider service and repair offering has had a measurable effect on our progress and performance as an Aftersales Department.”


Superservice Triage eVHCSuperservice Triage by Infomedia is a real-time, VIN-specific electronic Vehicle Health Check system. It empowers dealerships to increase revenue, improve their Service Department’s productivity and build customer trust.