Market Disclosure

  1. Introduction
    The Infomedia Market Disclosure Policy aims to ensure timely, relevant and succinct:

    • compliance with the disclosure rules of the Australian Stock Exchange (Market Disclosure), and
    • communications with shareholders and market participants (Stakeholder Communications).
  2. Market Disclosure
    Subject to the exceptions set out in the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listing rules, Infomedia will immediately notify the market, via the ASX, of any information or significant development related to Infomedia’s operations, including:

    • periodic disclosure – such as quarterly, half yearly and annual reporting of financial results; and
    • continuous disclosure – of events which a reasonable person would expect to have a material effect on the price or value of Infomedia’s securities.

    Infomedia’s Market Disclosure Policy outlines the roles, responsibilities and compliance procedures relating to Market Disclosure. These procedures include notification, evaluation and authorisation processes.

    The Market Disclosure Policy makes clear the obligation on Board members and the Senior Executive team in terms of recognising and actioning potential disclosure issues, providing a series of indicative examples of issues which would require the initiation of the information evaluation and associated procedures. The Market Disclosure Policy also applies to other statements made to, for example, the media, analysts and investors, requiring that they only be made by Infomedia’s authorised spokespersons.

    The Market Disclosure Policy also imposes limitations on information made available during Infomedia’s pre-results period, unless the information being requested has previously been disclosed to the market. The Market Disclosure Policy is administered by the Audit, Risk and Governance Committee as delegate of the Infomedia Board of Directors.

  3. Stakeholder Communication
    Information deemed ‘material’ will be disclosed via the ASX prior to being provided to external parties. Copies of Infomedia’s ASX disclosures are available from or alternatively, in the announcements section of this website.

    Information relating to Infomedia’s operations is communicated to shareholders and other stakeholders via the following channels:

    • release of half year and full year financial statements;
    • release of quarterly trading updates;
    • release of details of important strategic and financial initiatives;
    • publication of full annual report;
    • conduct of an Annual General Meeting;
    • this website

    Additionally, Infomedia may engage in analyst briefings, investor road shows and industry forums from time to time. No market sensitive information will be released in these venues unless it is previously or simultaneously released to the market.

  4. Rumours, market speculation and trading halts
    Subject to its continuous disclosure obligations, Infomedia will not generally comment on rumours or market speculation. If it wishes to comment, Infomedia will lodge any material, or price sensitive information with the ASX before making any comment.In order to facilitate an orderly, fair and informed market, it may be necessary to request a trading halt from the ASX from time to time. A trading halt may be required where there has been an unauthorised public release of confidential information, or where the Company wishes to make a significant announcement. Trading halts are designed to allow sufficient time for material information to be disseminated among the market, thus avoiding speculation and market uncertainty.