Technology & Innovation Committee Charter

The Technology and Innovation Committee is established by, and reports to, the Board of Directors of Infomedia Ltd. This charter governs the operations of the Committee and outlines the purpose, role, composition and authority of the Committee.

1. Purpose

The Committee’s purpose is to assist the board in oversight and proactive management of the technology and innovation agenda of the business in light of a rapidly changing environment in which Infomedia operates.

2. Role

The Committee will engage with the CEO and executives to review (and where appropriate recommend to the Board) the following:

  • Strategic direction of the Company’s technology, research and product development programs
  • Monitor and evaluate existing and future trends in technology that may affect the Company’s strategic plans, including monitoring of overall industry trends
  • The innovation and technology acquisition process to assure ongoing business growth
  • IT risk management and cyber security strategy (in conjunction with ARMC)
  • Measurement and tracking systems in place to monitor the performance of the Company’s technology in support of overall business strategy and to achieve successful innovation
3. Membership

The Committee will:

  • Comprise of the CEO and two non-executive directors
  • Members will be appointed and removed by the board for such term or terms as the board may determine
  • A chair will be nominated by the board from time to time and will be a non-executive independent director
4. Meetings and Authority of the Committee


The committee:

  • Will meet formally four times per annum, scheduling those meetings to take account of the company’s strategic planning and technology strategy formulation timetable
  • Will meet informally as often as necessary
  • May invite other executives or external subject matter experts to attend meetings if considered appropriate by the chair of the subcommittee


The board authorises the committee to engage with the CEO and executives of Infomedia to:

  • Investigate any matter within the scope of the committee
  • Seek information as required to fulfil its duties
  • Recommend to the board the adoption of a strategy or technology paper, process or outcome