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Service Delivery Manager

*This position requires candidates to have working experience with the automotive industry, automotive dealerships or OEM’s or automotive parts dealers.

• Gathering & analyzing requirements for new projects (from simple changes to existing programs/reports to building new features for our clients)

• Proposing solutions, creating SOW documentation/mock-ups.

• Identify cross-sell/new strategic opportunities and hand off to the Account Manager

• Discussing SOW with product specialists and delivery manager to determine if the solution can be technically implemented, then gathering development effort estimates and formulating quote for approval (based on approval thresholds)

• Quoting clients and getting approvals/Purchase Orders

• Prioritizing requests for each assigned client for timelines

• Assisting development manager (and developers where necessary) with relevant information throughout the development stage

• Staging & live testing (internal UAT), raising concerns back to delivery manager/developers

• Project release communication and training with NSC / OEs for new features implemented, user guides, etc.

• Ad-hoc application settings for clients (cases where not required development work), i.e., simple Marketing Campaign or DVR visitation configuration

• Assisting clients with escalated support requests and discussion about issues and priorities

• Assisting finance team with outstanding invoices

• Weekly client meetings and acting as a consultant on different topics, questions, or concerns

• Internal meetings (with developers re progress/issues), weekly/monthly meetings, etc.

• Monitoring financial data and reports

• Auditing and analyzing financial performance of the program to communicate to the customer areas of success and improvements areas.

• Advising on how to improve utilization of the program.

• Liaising with IFM Account Manager to ensure wholistic customer relationship management.

• Provide exceptional customer contact and support to ensure complete customer satisfaction

Apply for Position

May 17, 2022 6:25:56 PM UTC

Mexico City, Mexico

Employment Type

4 Year