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Service Manager reveals his secrets

By October 17, 2016December 13th, 2016Service Drive

Michael Stringfellow, Service Manager at Clintons Toyota Narellan, knows just what it’s like to run a busy Service Department.

From his highly successful dealership, he leads a team consisting of 3 Service Advisors and 10 Technicians, and oversees 40 repair jobs a day.

Service Success is Important

The overall efficiency and productivity of the Service Department is hugely important to Clinton Toyota’s bottom line. Michael believes that their decision to invest in an electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) system such as Superservice Triage, has completely transformed their Service Department.

Prior to introducing Superservice Triage, everything was on paper. The process was slow and a lot of things were getting misplaced. This allowed for a lot of human error, said Michael.

Clinton Toyota’s Success – Increased Productivity

Since introducing Superservice Triage eVHC system, Clintons Toyota’s Service Department has been more productive and efficient.

“With Superservice Triage, it’s all electronic. It’s all very quick and easy,” said Michael.

Michael isn’t the only fan of the Superservice Triage eVHC process. One of the key reasons why it’s been so successful at Clintons Toyota is that his service team is completely behind it, and appreciates how it makes their job much easier.

According to Michael Vanaquoy, a Master Technician at Clintons Toyota, “Superservice Triage really does help my productivity in the workshop. I was sitting at about 110% before Triage, and about a month after using Triage and getting used to it, I’ve raised up to about 140%.”

Clinton Toyota’s Success – Improved Service Experience & Revenue

Apart from improving the service process, Superservice Triage eVHC has also helped Clintons Toyota deliver a better service experience.

By supplying every customer with a vehicle report, along with photo and video evidence of recommended repair work, Clintons Toyota has been hugely successful in improving customer trust and satisfaction.

“Due to the transparency of the VHC being displayed with the customer, they can see what’s happening with the vehicle, what’s being checked, and what condition things are in. All our customers have taken it well by having something physical they can see.”

By being open and transparent, customers are more trusting and approving more recommended repair work. This has led to an increase in conversion rates and profitability.

“Using Superservice Triage, we can see our sales conversion rate at 50%, and it’s helped us to achieve an additional $73 per RO,” said Michael.

“I would definitely recommend Superservice Triage. It’s been very easy to implement amongst all staff and departments.”