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Service Quoting Made Easy

By February 4, 2016February 6th, 2017Service Drive

Satisfying and retaining service customers might sound easy with great facilities, tools and factory trained technicians … but have you tried to quickly quote a 60,000km scheduled service for a 2012 model or respond to a customer over the phone about the cost and labour time to fit a roof mounted bike rack or Bluetooth system?

Superservice Menus is the answer.

Supported by automakers worldwide, Superservice Menus™ has been the industry leader in helping dealerships increase customer satisfaction and sales with VIN-specific quotations that are fast, accurate and professional. It aligns with consumer expectations for clear and transparent information when evaluating and entering a sales transaction.

Within seconds you will have a fully costed VIN-precise service quote to present to customers, that includes:

  1. Parts required (part number and price)
  2. Fluids required (type, volume and price)
  3. Labour content (hours and price)

Here are 8 great reasons why you need Superservice Menus:

  1. Immediate efficiency gains
    With access to all the pricing, part numbers, quantities and labour times specific to the VIN, Superservice Menus eliminates the inefficiencies of waiting on the Parts Department for pricing or researching labour times. This frees up Service Advisors to price jobs faster and more accurately, and spend valuable time with customers.
  2. Superior customer experience
    One of the biggest complaints of service customers is that the price quoted in the morning, doesn’t match the invoice when the car is picked up. This undermines customer trust in staff and satisfaction with the dealership experience.Whether the enquiry is via phone, email or in person at the service counter, Superservice Menus empowers dealership staff to provide immediate and comprehensive customer assistance, with no delays or call backs.
  3. Depth of VIN-precise OE information
    With access to up to 300 individual repairs for a 10-year automaker carpark, Superservice Menus handles the service, repair and accessory requirements of your customer base. You can even customise labour rates, labour times, parts and sundry pricing to reflect the needs of your business.Clear and concise VIN-precise OE information gives your staff an advantage in the:
    Service reception Service workshop Parts counter Warranty claims Pre-delivery Fleet sales Showroom Call centre
  4. Life time Service Projections
    Project weekly, monthly, total lifetime or distance-based service costs in seconds. This helps you sell service plans to new car buyers.
  5. Capped Price Service (CPS) information
    For applicable automakers, you can enter a VIN to instantly determine CPS eligibility and then select a CPS service for a full listing of all parts, labour and the final CPS price. With this information, you can calculate the dollar savings to your customers helps to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and further reinforce the value of the CPS program.
  6. Integration to Superservice Triage™ eVHC for automatic job pricing
    With Superservice Menus integration, pricing as well as part numbers, quantities and labour times specific to the VIN are instantly applied to a Superservice Triage vehicle inspection report. This transforms staff efficiency, as getting a quote back to the customer for work authorisation has never been easier, faster, more accurate or more transparent – resulting in increased customer satisfaction and sales conversion. For more information on automatic pricing, click here
  7. Automatic data updates
    With Superservice Menus, you will always have access to the latest available automaker service information. There are no DVDs to load, updates to download or dongles to plug in. Simply enter your user name and password and Superservice Menus is ready to work for you.
  8. Flexibility to sell anytime, anywhere
    Superservice Menus is available to use online, 24/7! This empowers you to innovate with your selling strategies and sell from the front counter, the service lane and even off-site.