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Superservice Success Story : Marshall Volvo

By April 12, 2016February 6th, 2017Service Drive

Dealership Overview: Marshall Volvo

  • 450 Repair Orders per month
  • 5 Workshop Technicians plus 1 Apprentice
  • 2 Service Advisors
  • 1 Workshop Controller



Grow the profitability and productivity of the Service Department


Superservice Triage electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC)


  • Average of £430 of work identified per vehicle health check
  • Average of £185 of work sold per vehicle health check
  • Increase in technician job efficiency through a digital and more streamlined process
  • Service jobs completed faster
  • Structured and guided digital inspection process ensuring that more work is being identified compared to previous paper-based process
  • Increase in customer trust and satisfaction through better interaction between customers and Service Advisors, such as sending photos & videos of repair recommendations

Dealership Feedback:

“Last month we identified approximately £430 pounds per vehicle health check, of that £430 we sold £185.”
– Andrew Christmas – Aftersales Manager

“You spend a lot more time working on the car and you get the job done in a more timely manner”
– Nathan Panting – Service Technician

“With the digital inspection process in place we attach a video to every single vehicle that we do to show customers the condition of their vehicle. I believe that this adds respect to us and trust.”
– Matt Thomson – Service Technician