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Top Tips: Aftersales Best Practice

By February 13, 2018February 14th, 2018Service Drive

Today’s most successful Aftersales Managers understand the need for maintaining high standards of customer care throughout their dealership. Building strong relationships with customers is the key to securing long-term business goals, and that starts with getting your customer experience right.

Advice from Marshall Volvo’s Aftersales Manager, Andrew Christmas

Andrew Christmas knows just what it takes to run a busy Service Department. From his dealership in Cambridge, he oversees the 450 repair jobs a month.

Andrew believes that his decision to invest in an eVHC (electronic vehicle health check) system has completely transformed his Service Department’s productivity in terms of identifying new revenue streams, interacting with customers, closing sales and being more efficient overall.

Andrew said: “The eVHC system that we now use helps my Technicians to do their job better and work more productively, whilst having the information they need in front of them. Their confidence builds customer trust in our abilities and that, in turn, improves the customer experience.”

Top tips for ensuring you get your aftersales service right

  1. Add value for your customers: Always be looking for ways of providing additional value for customers – they expect it! For example, when a customer brings in their vehicle for a routine service, provide them with a free, comprehensive vehicle inspection report, complete with photo and video evidence. It shows customer care and provides reassurance that the vehicle has been looked after properly.
  2. Streamline your service process: Customers expect quick service and instantaneous results. Streamline your service processes by investing in technology, such as an eVHC and service quoting system, that can help your staff be more productive and efficient.
  3. Adopt a positive service culture: Positivity is contagious! Build a positive service culture and keep your service staff happy, by getting them involved and motivated. It can create an energy and belief that rubs off on customers.
  4. Listen to your customers: A dealership that listens to customers is one that understands their needs – your service offering can then be built around those needs. You can do this by getting customers to take a real-time survey and address any issues they may have with their service experience.
  5. Monitor and refine your performance: To improve your service performance, you need to have systems in place that can track and monitor your Service Department. You need accurate data to identify any trends, weaknesses and opportunities.
  6. Strive to be the best: An ambitious Service Department is one that is never satisfied and constantly looking for new and exciting ways of giving their customers more.