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Toyota of Glendora Boosts Service Performance with Superservice

By March 15, 2016February 6th, 2017Service Drive

Superservice Increases Productivity and Service Sales, Provides Intuitive Functionality, Enhances Customer Satisfaction and More for Toyota of Glendora, CA.

Situated in the car-capital of sunny southern California, just down the road from Los Angeles, Toyota of Glendora knows a lot about selling and servicing automobiles. To optimize the efficiency and performance of its service department, Toyota of Glendora chose Superservice Quoting and Inspection as its service management system. Toyota of Glendora is a midsize, family owned dealership that prides itself on quality customer service and genuine client satisfaction. It has been a President Award Winner for Excellence for 11 years.

“We switched to Superservice because our old system performed poorly and didn’t give us the information we needed,” says Bob Lanyi, General Manager of Toyota of Glendora. “Superservice is easy to use, it has improved our service process and it provides valuable management information. It’s made a huge difference. We’re selling 30-45% of recommended service.”

“The menu-driven system is really impressive,” continues Lanyi. “It simplifies the process and helps our techs service our customers better. They love it. For example, they can pre-pull all the necessary parts and spend less time at the back counter. It recommends all the parts they may need. And customers don’t have to wait as long for their MPIs, their estimates and to get their cars back. It saves everyone a lot of time.”

“With Superservice, we’re selling 35-45% of recommended service. That’s a big increase that has a real impact on our bottom line.

Better Data, Better Information, Better Management

“Another great feature is that Superservice utilizes real-time, direct access VIN-specific OEM data,” says Lanyi. “That’s important because we get the most accurate, up-to-date information, which prevents mistakes and keeps our service department running smoothly. Superservice doesn’t just display data. It gives us management information, and it does it in a clear, intuitive way.”

Building Relationships

“There’s no doubt that Superservice is helping us grow customer satisfaction and loyalty by making the service experience better,” says Lanyi. “It’s simpler, faster and easier to understand. The relationship we have with Infomedia helps a lot. They’ve gone the extra mile from installation and training to ongoing support.”

The Bottom Line

“Superservice has become an invaluable part of our service department,” says Lanyi. “We’ve increased our parts sales 19-20%. We’re selling 30-45% of recommended service. Our department is running more smoothly and our productivity is up. It’s a great product that does what it promises and a lot more.”