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Upgrade your Aftersales Process with an eVHC system

By July 12, 2017Service Drive

Superservice Triage eVHCAre you tired of using paper-based vehicle inspection checklists?

Do you wish you could automatically price the repair work, including parts, labour, fluids, supplies and surcharges?

Do you wish you could have access to real-time reports that give you the key insights to increase staff performance, sales closure and profits?

Do you wish you could streamline your Service Department and aftersales process?

You can, by using a cutting-edge electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) system such as Superservice Triage!

If you would like to improve your dealership’s aftersales performance and revenue, we recommend that you register for a free demo of Superservice Triage!  You’ll be able to ask any questions and learn tips on how to improve your aftersales process.


Why use an eVHC system?

Superservice Triage by Infomedia, is a real-time, tablet-based electronic Vehicle Health Check system. It is designed to help technicians identify more repair work and close more sales – both on the day and in the future.

Using an eVHC system with real-time analytics means you no longer have to manually collect and analyse data. The robust reporting functions gives you the insight to make more informed business decisions with just a simple click of a button.

Watch what Andrew Christmas, Aftersales Manager of Marshall Volvo, has to say about the benefits of Superservice Triage eVHC system:

Thousands of dealerships all across the world are now using real-time eVHC systems to transform their  aftersales operations. The question is – are you?


Superservice Triage eVHCSuperservice Triage by Infomedia is a real-time, VIN-specific electronic Vehicle Health Check system. It empowers dealerships to increase revenue, improve their Service Department’s productivity and build customer trust.