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Case Study: How a Dealership Improved their Service Sales

By November 23, 2017November 11th, 2019Service Drive

Marshall Volvo: How they Improved their Service Sales with an eVHC System

Are you looking to improve your service sales? Many dealerships are turning to advanced electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) systems to help them improve their service sales and  performance. Case in point: Marshall Volvo has seen a lot of success after implementing an eVHC system in their dealership.

Marshall Volvo has been offering their customers a free vehicle health check as part of their general service experience, and it’s a decision they don’t regret.

“By performing a detailed eVHC on a tablet or smartphone, a thorough assessment of a vehicle’s condition can be quickly and accurately compiled, and relayed back to service staff and customers for authorisation,” said Andrew Christmas, Aftersales Manager of Marshall Volvo.

“It’s been a positive process that has helped add to our customer experience and created lots of opportunities for generating additional service revenue.”

Dealerships have a general duty of care to notify their customers of any vehicle issues, so that repair work can be done before they become a huge problem. Therefore, the eVHC process is an ideal opportunity to ensure customers fully understand what work is required today and in the future.

The results and benefits

In a single month, Marshall Volvo’s service technicians identify an average of £430 of repairs/per vehicle and sell an average of £185/per vehicle. This represents a conversion rate of 43% – something they couldn’t have done without Superservice Triage eVHC system.

This is an amazing result for Marshall Volvo’s aftersales team – but the additional service revenue isn’t the only benefit that they’re enjoying.

Superservice Triage eVHC system empowers the aftersales team to provide customers with an informative, easy-to-understand and professionally presented vehicle inspection report.  Technicians take photos and videos as visual evidence, which Andrew will use to explain the recommended repair work to customers.

Having an honest and transparent process keeps customers informed of their vehicle and has created goodwill. In the longer term, this helps to improve customer retention rates. It’s very much an aftersales tool that drives improvement on many different levels.

“The general level of reporting, follow-up features and ability to share information with different departments, means that we now have a fully integrated management tool at our disposal that is helping to create a much improved service experience for our customers. It’s not just a question of securing ROI, it’s how big it will be!” said Andrew Christmas.


Superservice Triage eVHCSuperservice Triage by Infomedia is a real-time, VIN-specific electronic Vehicle Health Check system. It empowers dealerships to increase revenue, improve their Service Department’s productivity and build customer trust.