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Latest OEM parts data from Microcat EPC
Access detailed parts illustrations
Online flexibility to send orders – 24/7
View and price-match complete body shop orders
VIN-precise vehicle filtering and details

Improve Ordering Efficiency. Increase Customer Satisfaction. Sell More Parts.

Strengthen relationships with your wholesale collision repair customers and conquest business from the Aftermarket.
Microcat Partsbridge® is a parts ordering system that connects dealers with body shops, to sell more OE collision parts.

How it works

Body shop estimates are automatically imported from the estimating system to Microcat Partsbridge.

Using the latest VIN decodes, OEM data and illustrations, the body shop can validate repair estimates and send parts orders to the dealer.

The Dealer can quote competitively with full visibility of all Aftermarket part lines in the repair estimate.

Advantages for Dealers.

Reclaim lost business

Add missing parts, take advantage of OEM price matching programs and reclaim sales destined for the Aftermarket. Digital order placement and real-time profit calculations make price matching quick and easy.


Real-time business intelligence

The key insights you need to make more informed business decisions.

Personalize your reports, compare current performance against previous time periods, drill down to view sales by PNC, part number, body shop and other categories – it’s all live, accurate and easy.


Sell more parts

With Microcat EPC at the core of Microcat Partsbridge, additional wholesale part sales are just a click away. The ability to add incremental sales such as single use parts, cuts down on last minute deliveries and reduces cycle time.

Reduce order errors and returns

Receive one complete order from the body shop including all OE parts, Aftermarket parts and even labor lines – all pre-interpreted against a VIN.

Seamless DMS integration

With seamless transfer between Microcat Partsbridge and your DMS system, there’s no need to manually key in order part numbers and quantities.

Advantages for Body Shops.

Access to OEM parts data
Access the same OEM parts data as dealers; including VIN-specific part numbers, paint and trim codes, detailed and printable illustrations, and parts pricing. Also add missing parts not found in the estimating system.
Cut cycle time
Automatic VIN interpreting pre-validates over 90% of parts. This results in more accurate orders, reduced returns and supplemental orders, decreased cycle time and increased customer satisfaction.
Flexible online ordering
Seamlessly transfer orders and quotes to dealers online 24/7, giving dealers the opportunity to match or beat pricing and ensuring that body shops get the best fit part at the best price.