Easy to use. Always up to date. Rock-solid dependable.

It’s fast, it’s VIN-precise, it’s user-friendly and automatically updates to the latest available OEM parts data.
Microcat Live is the industry leading online Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) that grows dealer parts sales, productivity and customer satisfaction.

How it works

Accurately filter to the vehicle required by VIN, licence plate, catalog search or the vehicle index.

Browse illustrated parts lists or instantly search by description, multiple part numbers, PNCs and more.

Quickly build parts orders to email to customers, forward to staff for picking or to send to your DMS.

Less searching, more selling.

Automatic data updates

Access the most up-to-date OEM parts data available, online 24/7! Automatic data updates eliminate costly disc and software installs, increase order accuracy and customer satisfaction, and empower you to sell parts anytime and anywhere.

VIN and registration vehicle identification

Last 8 or full 17-digit VIN code identifies a vehicle quickly and accurately.

Multiple jobs

Open multiple tabs of Microcat Live in your browser to quickly assist new customers. The browser tab is labelled with the vehicle model so you can switch between jobs with ease.


Powerful parts search options

Flexible search options ensure you get to the right parts, first time. Search with maximum efficiency by description, multiple part numbers, up to 10 PNCs and more.

Seamless DMS integration

With seamless transfer between Microcat Live and your DMS system, there’s no need to manually key in part numbers and quantities.

Flexible illustration display

View illustrations the way that suits you. Select between full screen, horizontal (section data below the illustration) or vertical (section data side by side) displays.

Intuitive illustration handling

Control illustration zoom by hovering your mouse cursor on the parts illustration and rotating your mouse wheel. Parts illustrations open 100% fit to screen and centered for best possible view.


‘Single click’ order all for PNC searches

Order all parts that are returned with a multiple PNC search, with a single click.

Order parts from search results

Order required part numbers directly from search results, without the need to load illustrations.

Film strip and custom catalog

Preview, scroll and search through all sections of the catalog that have been loaded, and group sections to create your own custom catalogs.

High-resolution parts illustrations

See every detail with high-resolution illustrations and callouts that are clearer at all zoom levels, and when emailed or printed.*

Global VIN recognition

Catalogs that are not in your data region can be loaded using a valid 17 character VIN search, empowering you to sell parts to customers that have purchased vehicles outside of your region.*

Email customer quotes, parts data, illustrations and VIN details

Provide better customer service and increase satisfaction by emailing important information directly from Microcat Live.

Easy sharing and editing of notes

Add a note against a VIN, catalog, callout, part number and section that can be seen and edited by users, to improve communication and reduce errors.

Parts applicability coloring

Instantly identify correct fit parts in green font and selective fit parts in blue font.

Color photos of parts and accessories

Open a color photo of an applicable part or accessory for quicker and more accurate identification.*


OEM bulletins, tips, guides & more

OEM bulletins, tips and other documents are linked directly to applicable part numbers, to enhance your parts knowledge and customer service.*


Parts order and illustrations favorites

Common searches and multiple look-ups require fewer clicks and less time with parts order and illustrations favorites, helping you provide quicker customer service.


Integration to Superservice Menus

Exchange VIN and parts information, improve workshop process and bridge the communications gap between parts and service tasks with integration between Microcat Live and Superservice Menus™ Precision Quoting.*


Integration to Superservice Triage MPI

Customer details, VIN information and job details from a multi-point inspection, can be instantly transferred from Superservice Triage™ electronic MPI to the Microcat Live order screen.

*Applicable franchises only