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Share parts numbers & illustrations
Real-time messaging app to connect parts department to customers
Integrated with Microcat EPC for easy parts look up
Send photos & videos for easier parts identification
Scan VIN barcodes to automatically load the correct vehicle model

Strike up a conversation… Anytime!

The only messaging app that seamlessly integrates with Microcat EPC.
Microcat Messenger helps improve productivity and communications, leading to more parts conversion.

How it works

Invite dealership staff and trade customers to download Microcat Messenger.

Improve communication, increase order accuracy and minimize parts returns.

Enhance workflow, streamline your customer service and drive parts sales.

Introducing Microcat Messenger

A real-time messaging app that offers a best-in-class customer experience and propels productivity and parts sales.

Microcat Messenger is designed to improve the quality and timeliness of information shared between your parts department and its customers. Now, you can empower your parts counter with anytime communication, sending a message that you’re there…every step of the way.

Intuitive & Integrated to Microcat EPC

Microcat Messenger provides parts professionals one convenient location to receive messages, look up parts information and respond instantly. It does this through seamless integration with your Microcat EPC.

Your internal staff and trade customers can scan VIN barcodes, take photos, and send parts inquiries directly to your Messenger EPC desktop chat window. The inquiry displays as a clickable message. One click and Microcat instantly initiates a VIN search and loads the correct model.

With exact, detailed information at your fingertips, you’ll be able to provide faster and more accurate service. Your dealership will reap the benefits of improved productivity and efficiency, and enhanced sales support.

Scan VIN barcodes

Take photos

Send parts inquiries

Receive parts numbers and illustrations

And place orders


Put your Parts Department in your customer’s hands

Service Department

Keep techs in the service bay, rather than wasting time walking the shop floor to ask the parts counter a question.

Trade Customer

Increase order accuracy, minimize returns and enhance workflow.

Parts Warehouse

Eliminate the need to email or phone parts counter.

Sales Showroom

Enable real-time query on accessory pricing and fitment when selling a new car.

Parts Counter

Ignite efficiency in your Dealership

Instant Messaging

Turn conversations into conversions. Connect and keep in touch with your trade customers and internal dealership staff with free and secure messages. Microcat Messenger gives parts staff the ability to assist multiple trade customers at once, in a quicker and more efficient manner.

It also indicates when a message has been sent and read by the recipient, so you’ll know if your customers got the message!

Scan VIN barcodes

Find the right vehicle and parts. Trade customers and technicians can easily scan VIN barcodes and send them directly to a dealership’s parts department. Microcat will automatically initiate a VIN search and load the correct vehicle model for dealership staff.

Send Photos & Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. The built-in camera within Microcat Messenger allows trade customers to seamlessly capture and share photos and videos. This helps dealership staff identify the correct parts, increase parts order accuracy and reduce errors in parts ordering.

Share Part Numbers & Illustrations

Parts information at your fingertips. With integration to Microcat EPC, dealerships can easily look up and share part numbers, illustrations, pricing and information with their technicians and trade customers.