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Empower Your Entire Service Chain

Superservice is leading edge software that improves the productivity and profitability of automaker Fixed Operations departments. It also helps dealerships grow customer retention by providing service that customers understand and trust. With accurate VIN-precise automaker information and intuitive user interfaces, Superservice provides certainty throughout the entire service process.

Superservice integrated software supports: VIN-precise Service Quoting, Driveway Check-in, Multi-Point Inspection, Repair Process and Job Management, Declined Work Follow-up and Real-time Analytics.

Superservice enables your customers to stay informed, involved and in control of their vehicle’s servicing. The result? Customers who are trusting of your staff and repair recommendations. This leads to increased sales of parts and labor, improved customer satisfaction and higher CSI scores.

Your Competitive Edge

Superservice software increases:

  • Provides fast, accurate customer quotes using VIN-precise automaker data
  • Identifies additional repair work with complete transparency through eMPI
  • Engages customers in the quotation process with realtime alerts
  • Strengthens the value of genuine automaker servicing
  • Integrated VIN-precise menus for instant labor and parts pricing
  • eMPI offers a fast, guided inspection process, reducing downtime for staff
  • Automated job tracking improves communication between Parts & Service Departments
  • Customers can quickly authorize work online
  • Real-time analytics measures Technician and Service Advisor effectiveness
  • eMPI helps identify more repair opportunities
  • Increases customer authorizations & service conversions on the day of service
  • Grows parts and labor sales
  • Maximizes future opportunities by automatically following up on declined work
  • Improves sales techniques with insights from real-time analytics

The Superservice Platform