CVIS is improving efficiency, performance and customer relationships for Fairfax Kia.

“CVIS is simply the best
quoting & inspection
system available.”

– Kim Bush, Service Director
Fairfax Kia, VA

Fairfax Kia, of Fairfax, Virginia, is a leading dealership in the Washington, D.C. area. Building such a large and loyal customer base takes an uncommon level of customer care and commitment. A key to successfully attracting and maintaining its customers is providing a truly exceptional service experience. To achieve optimal performance and success, Fairfax Kia chose CVIS for its MPI quoting and inspection system.

“We chose CVIS for our Kia dealership because I know how well it works, and I’ve experienced the value it brings”, says Kim Bush, Service Director for Kia of Fairfax. “It is simply the best MPI and service management technology available.”

Simple, Fast, Efficient
“One of the things that first attracted me to CVIS is how easy it is to use,” says Bush. “To start, it works on a tablet, smartphone or other devices, which eliminates the paper. The menus are clear and intuitive, with features that work great. Everything is right there, so the whole MPI and service process is quicker and easier. Parts ordering is a great example. We save 20 minutes or more because it’s all automated on the device. The VIN-specific information also cuts errors to almost zero. Our techs love CVIS.”

Profiting From Performance
“Maintaining maximum control is critical in a high-volume service department”, says Bush. “I really like the way CVIS gives me instant information anywhere, anytime on my phone. I can stay ahead of things and take whatever action is needed to stay on track. I can see how my service advisors and techs are doing and where I can help them improve. In addition to improving my financials, it helps set performance goals for my team and that’s an added motivation.”

Building Customer Trust
“One of the best things about CVIS is how it helps us do a better job with our customers,” says Bush. “When we use the tablets to walk customers through the Multi-Point Inspection (MPI), with photos and video of their vehicle and the actual repairs that are needed, they understand better, they feel better and they trust our recommendations more. They also sign off faster and approve more service. Our customers and techs also really like the email capabilities because it’s so fast and easy to send quotes with photos and give instant approvals. CVIS is a very effective way to increase customer trust and build relationships.”

The Bottom Line
“CVIS is all about better performance, increased profitability and happier customers,” says Bush. “I’ve seen what CVIS can do, and I wouldn’t run a service department without it.”