The MyService solution builds profits, productivity and customer relationships at Arizona dealership.

“Using Kia MyService, we save nearly 10 minutes and add almost $70 in income on every RO.”

– Derek Holmes, Parts and Service Director
Peoria Kia, Peoria, AZ

Peoria Kia, a high-volume dealership in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, is reporting significant operational and financial benefits from utilising MyService, Kia’s fixed ops service solution. Derek Holmes, Parts and Service Director for Peoria Kia, cites a variety of improvements, especially in productivity, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and service-related profitability. The Peoria dealership is the leading Kia MyService user.

Peoria Kia prides itself on innovation and customer relationships, making MyService a natural choice.

Kia MyService technology is a suite of software-based tools designed to improve the productivity and profitability of Kia fixed operations departments, while enhancing customer relationships by building accuracy and certainty throughout the service process. It integrates an array of components, including: Online Service Appointments, VIN-precise Quoting, Driveway Check-in, Electronic Multi-point Inspection, Repair Process and Job Management, On-the-spot Payment, CSI Survey, Declined Work Follow-up and Real-time Analytics. Individual dealerships can choose the components they want to use. Peoria Kia implemented MyService in April of 2017.

High-Value Service Solution

MyService multi-point inspection added efficiency that saves Peoria Kia techs nearly 10 minutes per RO.

“We became aware of MyService through Kia and looked into it for our dealership,” says Holmes. “I had experience with another electronic system in the past, and after examining the features, capabilities, cost and other issues, MyService looked good. We decided to go with it because it did what we wanted, and the price made it good value.”

Like many dealerships, Peoria Kia was going from a traditional paper system to a high-level electronic solution for the first time. To manage the transition, Holmes planned to phase in certain MyService components, including check-in, multi-point inspection and a few other features.

“The launch team was outstanding,” says Holmes. “We did have a system hiccup during the launch, but they were on it. They stayed in daily contact while they addressed the system issue, and even the top leadership made sure it was being handled. The relaunch went without a hitch. We were impressed with the excellent support throughout.”

Speed and Accuracy

With MyService, Peoria Kia techs spend less time away from their service bays and more time working on cars.

For Peoria Kia, the electronic check-in was an attractive feature. It increases check-in speed and accuracy and helps ensure that all critical information is obtained at the start. At the same time, it facilitates a complete vehicle walk-around to identify and note pre-existing conditions to reduce liability, as well as informing customers about their vehicles and identifying upsell opportunities.

“We really like the check-in function,” says Holmes. “Especially the walk-around. The pictures we take are a clear record of condition and service needs. It really adds credibility and gives customers confidence.”

Enhanced MPI
The MyService Multi-point Inspection capabilities were also a big attraction for Peoria Kia. It includes service estimates that link VIN-specific information to repair operation data, which provides accurate, reliable quotations for customers. It also has photo and video captures of recommended service, as well as email estimates and repair authorisations for immediate customer approvals. Peoria cites a growing customer base that prefers electronic communication.

Productivity and efficiency were two of the MyService benefits stressed most by Holmes and his team.

MyService really improves communication, and that helps people work more efficiently,” says Damon Bosak, Shop Foreman and Lead Tech. “It’s especially true with the parts department. The system automatically sends parts orders, and our techs don’t have to stand around waiting at the parts counter.”

Powerful, Easy to Use

MyService automatically generates parts orders and electronically sends them to the parts department. It then notifies techs when parts are ready, saving time at the parts counter.

Bosak stressed the ease of use and how MyService enables techs to focus on their work.

MyService works really well for us,” says Bosak. “Now our techs are spending more time working on cars and less time talking to service advisors and the parts department.”

At Peoria Kia, the parts department has also realised significant benefits from MyService.

MyService’s automatic parts orders have made our parts team more productive because they can be more focused and be multitasking,” says Erica Fine, Parts Manager. “They don’t have to be constantly interrupted by techs coming to the parts counter and being distracted from important tasks.”

Holmes and Fine stressed the value of MyService in improving customer service and relationships. Peoria Kia identified customer satisfaction as one of its most important priorities.

Customer-Friendly Technology

MyService enables parts staff to spend less time with techs checking on orders and stay focused on filling orders and doing other tasks.

MyService helps us provide our customers with a very professional presentation of our service recommendations,” says Holmes. “It clearly and concisely presents what needs to be done in a way they understand and trust. That really adds to our credibility and strengthens our relationship. It also helps us get approval on more recommended service.”

“It’s really great for customer service,” says Fine. “When we show customers what they need in a way they understand, they’re more comfortable approving work. It makes happier customers, and that’s good for everyone.”

Bottom Line Benefit
While Peoria Kia is not utilising all the capabilities of MyService at this date, it is reporting significant benefits, from enhanced productivity and efficiency, to stronger customer relationships and increased profitability. Holmes and his team have successfully moved from a legacy paper-based system to a cutting-edge electronic fixed ops solution that delivers impressive results.