Streamlining the service process and improving the customer experience are key benefits of CVIS at Spitzer Kia.

“With CVIS we are doing significantly more of the work recommended on the MPI’s and customer satisfaction has definitely increased.”

– Brian Kauffman, Service Manager
Spitzer Kia, Cleveland, Ohio

Achieving longevity in business says a lot about how a company performs and treats its customers. Spitzer Kia, of Cleveland, Ohio, has been successfully serving the greater-Cleveland area since 1904, making it one of the oldest dealerships in the nation. Through four generations of family ownership, Spitzer Kia has delivered on its promise to its customers. To ensure continued success, Spitzer Kia implemented CVIS to improve the productivity and profitability of its service and parts operations.

“It’s important for us to stay on the leading edge of technology so that we can continuously improve our performance,” says Brian Kaufman, Service Manager at Spitzer Kia. “CVIS has provided us with the capabilities and tools to do so.”

Customer Focus
“CVIS has a lot features that improve the way we interact with our customers,” says Brian. “They really like being able to see photos and video of the work we recommend. When they can actually see what needs to be done, they are more comfortable approving it. That has significantly increased the amount of recommended work we do. They also love the convenience of email recommendations, quotes and approvals. From start to finish, CVIS is great for our customers and us.”

Enhanced Productivity
“Our efficiency just keeps getting better as we use CVIS,” continues Brian. “It’s extremely easy to use, and we learn new ways to improve every day. Check-in, MPI, approvals, everything goes smoother. A big advantage is how it streamlines the interaction between service and parts. It’s so much simpler and more accurate now because it happens electronically. Quotes are also a lot easier because the system does a lot of it automatically. It’s fast, accurate and efficient. It also interfaces seamlessly with our DMS.”

Next-Generation Technology
“CVIS accesses up-to-date VIN-based information that we can rely on to create accurate, complete quotes on the spot,” says Brian. “It’s much faster and dead-on. We can instantly show our customers a detailed, exact quote on a tablet, along with photo and video backup. It’s very professional, and it gives us a lot of credibility.”

The Bottom Line
“We went with CVIS to make sure our service and parts operations are the best they can be,” says Brian. “It’s quick and easy. It’s improved our efficiency a lot, and it’s great for our customers. We continually find new ways that CVIS can help us do a better job. That adds to our bottom line.”