Kia of Irvine is writing more service orders and delighting customers with CVIS.

“CVIS has enabled us to write
30% more
service orders a day.”

– Brad Watson, Service & Parts Director
Kia of Irvine

In the land of automobiles, outstanding performance and providing an exceptional customer experience are essential to a dealership’s success. Kia of Irvine, serving Orange County and the surrounding area, is located in the heart of Southern California’s auto-dominated environment. Customers expect more, which is why Kia of Irvine selected CVIS to optimize its service and parts operations and exceed its customers’ expectations.

“We are always working to improve the performance of our service and parts operations,” says Brad Watson, Service & Parts Director at Kia of Irvine. “We were very excited to implement CVIS to help us after seeing how well it has worked for other Kia dealerships.”

Exceptional Performance
“CVIS really improves the entire service process,” says Watson. “Starting with check-in, it’s very easy. The tablets and menu system speed it up and make it very flexible. The Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) feature is the best. It’s the most efficient process, plus it is very customer friendly. It’s so much better, we can now write 20% more service orders each day, which makes a huge difference in our efficiency and our bottom line.”

Advanced Information & Technology
“Everything about CVIS is cutting edge,” says Watson. “The menus and system are clear and make sense. It’s simple to move through the service process. Also, the VIN-specific information is very important. The accuracy is great for automated quoting, and everything is already in the system, so we know it’s right. The system includes parts information, so it avoids bottlenecks at the parts department. CVIS is really helpful when there are recalls, too, because we can be sure the information is correct.”

Delight Customers
“CVIS has definitely improved our customer relations in a lot of ways,” says Watson. “To start, the overall service process is simpler, faster and better from check-in through completion. Also, the MPI is much better. We can go over it on the tablets and show customers photos and videos of their cars and what they need. It’s more convenient for them, too, because we can email or text quotes with photos and they can email or text back approvals right away. It’s much faster for everyone. Customers feel better about getting their cars serviced and about working with us.”

The Bottom Line
“CVIS has made a real difference in our dealership,” says Watson. “It’s added to our productivity, increased our sales and given us better control of our service and parts operations, while building customer relationships. It was a great decision.”