Superservice Improves Bottom-Line Performance

“Superservice took us
from 11% up-sale
to over 35%
on our MPIs”

– Kim Bush, Service Director
Fairfax Hyundai, VA

As the leading seller of Hyundai vehicles in the entire Washington, D.C. area, Hyundai of Fairfax (Virginia) has built a large and loyal customer base. A key to its success is a steadfast commitment to be “your dealership for life.” Providing an exceptional service experience is essential in fulfilling this goal and customer promise. That is why Hyundai of Fairfax uses Superservice for its MPI quoting and inspection system.

“Our service department handles over 200 cars per day in twenty-seven bays, and we operate seven days a week,” says Kim Bush, Service Director for Hyundai of Fairfax. “We need the best MPI and service management technology available to achieve peak performance. We use Superservice because it does exactly what we need.”

User-Friendly Efficiency
“Right away, we could see how easy Superservice is to use,” says Bush. “Everything is on the tablet, so there’s no messy paper. You can even use it on a smartphone. It’s simple to move through the menus and the features work great. It saves time throughout the MPI and service process. It’s taken 20 minutes or more out of ordering parts because it’s all done automatically on the tablet. And the VIN-specific information virtually eliminates errors. Our techs say they don’t know what they would do without Superservice.”

Bottom-Line Performance
“With the service volume we do, keeping control is absolutely essential,” says Bush. “Superservice gives me the instant information I need, and I can see it anywhere, anytime on my phone. That’s made it possible to deliver much better results. For example, we went from 11% MPI up-sales before Superservice to 41% in the first month. We now average over 35%. Also, our recovered declined service is $60,000 per month. It’s really had a big impact on our bottom line.”

Enhanced Customer Relationships
“Because everything is on the tablets, we can walk our customers through the MPI and show them exactly what needs to be done and why,” says Bush. “When customers see the photos and video of the work, they have a better understanding and more trust in our recommendations. They sign off faster and approve more service. The email capabilities are also great. It’s fast and easy for both the customers and us to send quotes with photos and get rapid approvals. Everyone loves it. Superservice has definitely built customer trust and stronger relationships, and that’s really important to us.”

The Bottom Line
“Superservice has absolutely improved our performance and profitability,” says Bush. “From efficiency and information tracking to customer care, Superservice does what it promises and more.”