Microcat CRM’s real-time information helps Ford PartsPlus give trusted information to their customers.

“I’d like to say that this is by far and away the best CRM tool I’ve used.”

– Stuart Young, Business Development Executive
Ford PartsPlus

Stuart Young has worked in the automotive and technology sectors for over 20 years. As a Business Development Executive for Ford PartsPlus, a direct trade parts channel owned by Ford Motor Company, Stuart looks after over 180 customers in his area.

Sell More Genuine Parts

He’s responsible for supplying his customers with competitively priced Genuine Ford Parts and Accessories for Ford vehicles, Motorcraft Parts for older Fords and Omnicraft for non-Ford vehicles.

“My role is to look after PartsPlus customers, the independent workshops and dealerships. I am trusted to give them the most competitive prices on our OE parts, so it is imperative I have real-time information onsite, at my fingertips, when speaking to customers. I need to be able to track trends, identify opportunities, deliver insights and build business seamlessly and efficiently,” said Stuart. To do this, he relies heavily on Infomedia’s Microcat CRM.

CRM with Real-time Info

Microcat CRM is a powerful wholesale parts CRM that utilises real-time business intelligence to drive parts sales. It provides users with information, offers and promotions which they can share with customers whilst in the field, making the sales and account management process so much easier.

“The way in which Microcat CRM has been created makes it simple to use but provides the user with an immense amount of information which is so helpful to our day jobs. In seconds, you can search anecdotal data to display the history and activity of a customer.”

Best, Intuitive CRM

“Speaking as a Software Engineer and as someone who has used several different CRM tools from several different suppliers, I’d like to say that this is by far and away the best CRM tool I’ve used.”

“Microcat CRM has a clean and easy to use structure. Where other CRMs are overly complex and require excessive training, Microcat CRM is simple, intuitive and easy to pick up,” continued Stuart.

Consistent & Easy-to-use

Stuart and his colleagues don’t just rely on Microcat CRM, the Microcat Electronic Parts Catalogue is incredibly useful to them as well, as it allows them to identify the right part the first time.

“I consistently hear positive feedback on the suite of Infomedia products available in our space. Microcat EPC is the same – it’s never let me down, is consistent, easy to use and the link-selling along with supersession chains are great,” said Stuart.

Drive Results & Profitability

“It’s clear that Infomedia products are written, created and managed with the end user in mind. The team at Infomedia have clearly worked in the sector and done the jobs that their solutions support, as they are so tailored to the end result and delivering the required information to ultimately drive dealer and workshop profitability,” concluded Stuart.