Hyundai Cars Ireland and Infomedia find Shared Success

“Our shared goal is to grow our customer base, increase profitability and to drive retention.

– Craig Williams, Aftersales Director,
Hyundai Cars Ireland

Since the release of the Tucson in 2016, Hyundai Cars Ireland’s sales have soared and they proudly boast 11% market share in the passenger car sector.

Part of Hyundai Cars Ireland’s success is due to the very long and well-established relationship with Infomedia, who provide parts and service software to meet the needs of the evolving Hyundai Cars Ireland dealer network.

Improving Efficiencies and CSI
Hyundai Cars Ireland uses a considerable number of Infomedia products, most of which are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of their dealer network and are crafted through a consultation and collaboration process between Hyundai and Infomedia.

“Infomedia are incredibly flexible, which means we can work very closely together and develop products to meet our requirements. In turn, this drives positive results such as improved CSI and efficiencies,” said Craig Williams, the Aftersales Director of Hyundai Cars Ireland.

Driving Profits and Customer Retention
The unique and valuable relationship retained between Hyundai Cars Ireland and Infomedia is attributable to mutual ambition and a passion for success.

“Our shared goal is to grow our customer base, increase profitability and to drive retention,” said Williams.

The Perfect Partnership
With a robust reputation throughout the organisation, the adoption of Infomedia products by the dealer network is impressive.

Microcat is Hyundai Cars Ireland’s preferred EPC, along with Superservice Menus quoting system and Superservice Triage eVHC as dealer standards.

“Hyundai Cars Ireland are staunch supporters, users and more importantly, we consider ourselves partners with Infomedia.” added Williams.

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