Microcat Messenger has made Microcat Live EPC even more valuable to the Lucas Ford parts department, adding efficiency, saving time and increasing profits.

“In addition to saving cost and reducing wasted time, our customers are more satisfied with our service.”

– Alan Vice, Parts Manager,
Lucas Motor Car Company Inc, Burlington, NJ

Lucas Motor Car Company, Inc., of Burlington, NJ, has been delivering exceptional quality, service and value to its customers since 1946. As part of its ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, Lucas has utilized Microcat Live electronic parts catalog for two decades. After a brief experiment with a competitor, Lucas quickly returned to Microcat Live. Now, with the addition of Microcat Messenger instant messaging service, Lucas is an even more dedicated user.

“I first started working with Microcat Live twenty years ago and it’s always been a great EPC,” says Alan Vice, Parts Manager at Lucas Ford. “When its main competitor offered a free trial I thought I’d give it a shot. Big mistake. We were back to Microcat Live in just a few months. We added Microcat Messenger about seven months ago. It’s a great addition. Microcat Messenger connects our Microcat Live EPC directly to our wholesale customers, like body shops, and to our technicians in the workshop. It saves a lot of time, improves part order accuracy and boosts our parts department performance.”

“Microcat Messenger is much better than other generic messaging apps because it’s integrated,” continues Vice. “So the EPC and messaging features work seamlessly together. It streamlines and supplements many of the best parts management capabilities of Microcat Live. My favorite part is the ability to send and receive messages right from my desktop computer, without interrupting my workflow. So you don’t have to go use your smartphone. And you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it.”

Customer Delight
“When connecting with a customer, we can send and receive photos, so we know exactly what part is needed,” says Vice. “No more trying to interpret their descriptions. Using the app, they can also scan and send VIN details, which are automatically loaded into Microcat Live. We can fill orders faster and more accurately. That means fewer returns. In addition to saving cost and reducing wasted time, our customers are more satisfied with our service.”

Productivity & Profit
“Microcat Messenger definitely improved the communication flow between our parts counter and the workshop. In our service department, techs don’t have to leave their service bays to make parts inquiries. They just use Microcat Messenger on their mobile devices to ask questions, receive illustrations and order from the parts department. They can stay on the job and get more repairs done. We sell more parts and make more money.”