Superservice improves service department efficiency and customer relationships while building sales and profitability at Hatchett Buick GMC.

“Increased efficiences from
Superservice enabled us to do
115 more
RO’s per month.”

– Walker Russell, Fixed Operations Director,
Hatchett Buick GMC, Wichita, KS

Hatchett Buick GMC is located in the heartland of America in Wichita, Kansas. Previously Scholfield Buick GMC, Hatchett is a customer-focused, family run dealership that prides itself on putting customers first and building long-term relationships. Achieving success means meeting high expectations of its customers and community. Hatchett delivers on its commitment with the help of Superservice.

“Superservice came highly recommended to us, so we took a good look at it,” says Walker Russell, Fixed Operations Director for Hatchett Buick GMC. “It does the tracking and everything else we wanted, and its pricing made it a great deal. It was almost too good to be true. But we went with it and quickly found out that all its claims are true and more. It’s exactly what we need.”

Build Business, Grow Customer Relationships
“One of the best things about Superservice for us is the Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) tracking and follow-up. When a customer declines service, Superservice keeps track of it and reminds us to follow up a few days later,” says Russell. “In the past, very little declined service came back to us. Now we’re getting more than 15% of it back on a regular basis. The ability to take photos and video, and include them right in the MPI is great for us and our customers. They like to actually see what needs to be done, not just be told. That builds trust and relationships. The Superservice MPI is by far the best.”

Better Information, Continuous Improvement
“Superservice has really opened up our eyes about ways to improve that we just didn’t see before,” says Russell. “It provides us with an incredible amount of management information that directly impacts our efficiency and performance. It also helps evaluate our service advisors, technicians and parts desk staff and identifies areas of improvement. Our team likes being able to see how they are doing in real time. It can be an incentive to achieve more. The reports are great and they help everyone.”

Easy to Use, Enhances Efficiency
“Right from the beginning, Superservice has been one of the easiest systems to use,” says Russell. “The menus, the functionality, the reports and everything else works the way it should and makes our jobs easier. Doing MPIs is much better now, and one-click parts ordering is simpler. We don’t have to worry about getting all the right parts for every order or parts order backups. It also enables us to get back to our customers quicker, with better, more professional MPI reports, in person or by email.”

The Bottom Line
“Superservice has absolutely made good on its promises and gone beyond,” says Russell. “In my 25-years, this has been by far the easiest, best program for measuring and improving service.”