Increased service volume, efficiency and customer satisfaction make Superservice a high-value solution for North Freeway Hyundai.

“Using Superservice, our labor
hours per R.O. increased from 1.2 to 1.7.
That’s over 40%.”

– Tim Shipe, Director of Fixed Ops,
North Freeway, Baytown & Humble Hyundai, TX

North Freeway Hyundai, in Spring, Texas, near Houston, has the distinction of being the largest Hyundai dealership in the world. A dealership of this size naturally has massive service and parts departments to support its operation. That requires a high-powered repair quoting and electronic Multi-Point Inspection (eMPI) system that can handle the volume. After careful consideration, North Freeway Hyundai chose Superservice.

“We were looking for an MPI system that has what it takes to support our needs and provide good value for the money,” says Tim Shipe, Director of Fixed Ops for North Freeway Hyundai. “Superservice is a perfect fit. Right away our service department numbers improved, and they continue to get better. Superservice was absolutely the right choice.”

Deep Integration, Better Accountability
“I really like the way Superservice is integrated with Microcat, the Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC),” continues Shipe. “It gives us the most accurate, up-to-date real-time OEM information on the fly, so we can immediately generate detailed quotes and R.O.s and know that they are accurate and complete. It also integrates seamlessly with our DMS. Another benefit is accountability. Superservice gives me the information and reports I need to help our team improve in target areas. It’s a really effective management and training tool that gets results.”

More Efficient, Increased Sales
“Superservice is easy to use and speeds things up quite a bit for our service advisors and parts desk people,” says Shipe. “It streamlines our whole MPI and repair quoting process, and that makes us much more efficient. It also helps us do more of our recommended service. In fact, our labor hours per R.O. have gone from 1.2 to 1.7 since we started using Superservice. That’s more than a 40% improvement. The Hyundai standard is .8, so we are very pleased with the results.”

Delighted Customers, Excellent Support
“Superservice is extremely good for working with our customers,” says Shipe. “We can take photos or video of parts that need to be repaired and show them to the customer. It makes a big difference when people can actually see the needed parts and repair. Superservice also enables us to track deferred service and follow up with customers more effectively. That turns into more service and parts sales. I’ve also been very impressed with the Superservice support. Their team is professional, knowledgeable and available when we need them.”

The Bottom Line
“Superservice, has worked so well for us at North Freeway Hyundai that we’ve implemented it in our other two dealerships, Baytown Hyundai and Humble Hyundai,” says Shipe. “We believe in Superservice because it has delivered excellent results for us, and puts numbers on the bottom line.”