Burns Buick GMC Hyundai enjoys increased productivity, greater profitability and stronger customer relationships with Superservice.

“Superservice boosted our
dollars per RO by $30
while significantly increasing
our customer satisfaction.”

– Peter Lanzavecchia, President
Burns Hyunda & Buick GMC, Marlton, NJ

At Burns Hyundai, it’s all about the customer. Maximizing customer satisfaction and building long-lasting relationships are top priorities at the Marlton, New Jersey, dealership. This commitment begins with sales, and extends through the parts and service departments. Burns Hyundai is extremely focused on fixed operations and the important role they play, which is why Burns chose Superservice for their MPI quoting and inspection system.

“Superservice has actually exceeded our expectations,” says Peter Lanzavecchia, President of Burns Hyundai & Burns Buick GMC. “It enables us to work smarter and more efficiently, which builds sales and profitability. Just as importantly, Superservice is an incredible customer service tool that builds trust and relationships. That’s the key to long-term success.”

Customer-Friendly Features
“Customers especially love the Multi-Point Inspection (MPI) photos of recommended repairs and service,” continues Lanzavecchia. “Pictures really are worth a thousand words when a customer can see a worn or broken part. Whether they see them in our waiting room or by email, it gives them confidence that they are making the right decision and adds to our credibility. In the long run, they become better car owners and better customers for us. It’s a win-win situation.”

Enhanced Productivity
“With Superservice, we can complete our MPIs on iPads in the service bays and send them directly to the parts department,” says Lanzavecchia. “That is so much more efficient than the old paper and pencil system we relied on before this new cutting-edge technology was available. Parts get to the techs in far less time, and they are the right parts because Superservice is connected in real time to the most accurate OEM information. The menus and functions are extremely fast and easy to use. It’s made a huge difference, enabling us to increase our dollars per RO by $30. When you do over 900 ROs per month, it really adds up.”

Highly Dependable
“Our techs love Superservice and would never want to go back,” says Lanzavecchia. “I think they would even be willing to pay for it out of their own pockets if it went away. It’s always up and dependable. Superservice support is also outstanding. It is very responsive and professional. It was one of the best on-site installations I’ve seen.”

The Bottom Line
“Superservice is a unique tool that makes the service experience much more positive for our customers, while making our operation more efficient, productive and profitable,” says Lanzavecchia. “It’s been so good for us at our Hyundai dealership that we are installing it in our Burns Buick GMC dealership, as well.”