Next-generation technology, powerful information management features and easy-to-use functionality deliver success for Van Horn Hyundai.

“Superservice has significantly
increased our sales
on previously declined service.”

– Chad Jaschob, Fixed Ops Director,
Van Horn Hyundai, Fond du Lac, WI

Van Horn Hyundai is a mid-America dealership that has been serving the community in and around Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, for over half a century. While traditional, family-owned values are the basis of the dealership, Van Horn understands the importance of utilizing cutting-edge technology to optimally serve its customers, maintain excellent HSI ratings and staying ahead of the competition. That’s why Van Horn chose Superservice for its Fixed Operations repair, quoting, and electronic Multi-Point Inspection (eMPI) system.

“As we looked ahead, it was clear to us where the world is going, and we wanted to stay ahead of the game,” says Chad Jaschob, Fixed Ops Director, Van Horn Hyundai. “That’s one of the big reasons why we decided to go with Superservice. It takes us to the next level in service and parts management.”

“More and more of our customers are used to using tablets and other mobile devices for just about everything,” continues Jaschob. “When we pull up the MPIs on an iPad, show them photos and zoom in on details, they get it. It’s cleaner, more understandable and very professional. It also helps us successfully follow up on previously declined service, which is boosting sales a lot.”

Better, More Accurate Information
“All of the service and repair information is preloaded and automatically processed, so we don’t have to figure it out,” says Jaschob. “It’s not only faster, but it also eliminates a lot of pricing issues. Customers like and trust the complete cost breakdown, which makes it easier to get sign-offs on repairs. A lot of times, we can share full inspection results including photographic evidence and to-the-penny accurate pricing through email, which is really nice.”

Easy to Use, Great Support
“Our service advisors, parts counter people and techs really like it because it’s so easy to use,” says Jaschob. “In addition to improving our workflow the reports are good for identifying trends and tracking improvement. And the Superservice installation and support team is excellent. They are there when we need them and they get us quick answers, though we really haven’t had to call on them much.”

The Bottom Line
“Superservice is absolutely worth getting,” says Jaschob. “It increases business, shows professionalism to customers and it has helped us maintain a top HSI rating. It’s an important part of how we are making our service department better.”