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Top Tips: Track & Improve your Service Performance

By September 13, 2017September 14th, 2017Service Drive

Identifying new potential work and tracking service performance is now much easier with electronic Multi-point Inspection (eMPI).

Many dealerships have added an eMPI system to their Service Department, with the objective of securing additional service revenue. Dealerships have also found that an eMPI system is a great way to track and monitor their service performance.

You need customer and vehicle-centric data at your disposal

When it comes to tracking and monitoring your service sales performance, dealerships need to be able to access reliable, accurate, customer-centric data that’s based on specific facts, not just past experience. That means being able to analyze actual vehicle and service data, built up over time.

This will give you a better and broader appreciation of your customer’s experience and service performance. eMPI systems can help dealerships review their general levels of service efficiency – from how well individual Service Advisors are doing at following up new leads, to how productive and efficient your Technicians are at identifying work, and the number of jobs created and converted.
c7-track-and-improveHere are some general observations about the importance of accurately tracking your sales performance and service conversions:

  1. Data tracking is crucial: A smart and intuitive eMPI system helps you capture and measure real-time data. With this information, you can identify potential problems or opportunities, and take steps to improve your Service Department.
  2. Tackle resistance to change and get the whole team on board: Change often comes with resistance, that’s why it’s important that each and every member of your team fully understands how using an eMPI system actually empowers them. It streamlines and simplifies the service process, making them more efficient and productive.
  3. Understand and respond to your customers’ demands: The automotive industry is notoriously difficult to predict. With changing customer expectations and buying habits, dealerships need to collect information on their customers in order to better understand them.
  4. Open up a continuous and reliable stream of information: Detailed analysis of customer and vehicle data helps you do your job more efficiently, and helps you exceed customer expectations.

Your future could be brighter

If your Service Advisors are not methodically following up on identified service sales leads and successfully converting them, you need to know and understand why, so that you can improve. Investing in an advanced, eMPI system such as Superservice by Infomedia, will put you in a position of greater strength in terms of understanding where you are at the moment and where you could be in the future!