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August 2020

We’ve improved the transparency and level of reporting in Superservice Triage VHC so that dealers can provide a higher level of service to their customers.

Minimum Brake Disc Text Field

We’ve added a new text field to give dealers the option to enter and display the minimum specification brake disc measurements for every vehicle they inspect.

When this feature is enabled, the data is displayed on the inspection sheet, customer authorisation page and print out, giving customers a better understanding of when to replace their brakes.

Stay Alert with Audio Notifications

Every time you receive a pop-up notification, your computer or tablet will notify you that there’s an important update.

Whether you’re under a car, pricing up another RO or invoicing a customer, Superservice Triage will send you a sound alert so you can always be on top of your Inspection and Quotes!

Activate audio notifications today:

  1. Go to User Settings
  2. Click Edit and enable “Audio Notifications”
  3. Save and listen for the alerts!

Dealer Reports: Customer Authorisation Dashboard

With less customers waiting in the dealership, we’ve added a new dealer report to showcase the effectiveness of the ‘Request Authorisation’ feature in Superservice Triage.

The new Customer Authorisation Dashboard allows users to quickly assess how successful their customer authorisation forms are when sent via email or SMS. For more detailed and granular reporting, users can also drill down to month, Service Advisors and job numbers.

Dealer Reports: Media Performance Dashboard

The new Media Performance dashboard gives users a quick snapshot of how successful they are at converting work when they attach photo and video evidence with their inspection reports.

For more information, users can also drill down to the person who uploaded the media, their total jobs captured within Superservice Triage and their associated:

  • Jobs with photos sent
  • Jobs with videos sent
  • Jobs with walkaround videos
  • % of jobs sent with walkaround videos

Dealer Group Comparison Dashboard

If you’re part of a dealer group, the new Dealer Group Comparison dashboard is for you! It provides an overarching view of how the group is doing, as well as a quick snapshot of how each dealership is performing. For more insights, users can also drill down to a specific dealer and even individual jobs.

Follow Up with Customers

Get customers back into your Service Department by setting up automated email and SMS follow ups.

Get the Information that Matters

Personalise your reports and Jobs Today screen by setting up custom filters by Brand and Job types.

Need help or have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our customer support team!