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November 2019 

We’ve recently introduced a fresh new look to the Tyres screen and some new functionalities to make Superservice Triage VHC more intuitive and easier to use!

Dropdown Options for Tyre Brand and Size

The new layout provides technicians with a drop-down to select the brand and size of tyres.

List of options too long? Simply type to filter through the pre-configured options to make the process faster and easier!

Need to add new brands and sizes? Type directly into these fields and hit the Enter button.

Add Individual Tyre Images and Videos

Add photos or videos for each tyre to improve the transparency and visibility over the tyre inspection process.

Providing visual evidence of a tyre’s tread depth and damage will help customers understand and see the need to replace their tyres.

Updated Inspection Report and Customer Authorisation Form

The updated Inspection Report and Customer Authorisation form clearly highlights the recommended tyre operations. It specifies the brand, size, tread measurements and damage status for each individual tyre – so customers can make an informed decision on whether to replace their tyre(s).

Performance Upgrade to the Jobs Today Screen

Search for jobs quickly! We’ve made major performance upgrades behind the scenes to make the Jobs Today screen faster and more responsive.

New Icons on the Jobs Today Screen

Meet the new icons of Superservice Triage! Without opening each job individually, you’ll be able to tell at a glance if the Customer Authorisation form has been sent and if photos or videos were attached with the Inspection.

Vehicle History for Dealer Groups

Part of a dealer group? Good news – you can now access vehicle history from other dealerships within the group!

Just load a VIN and it’ll display the vehicle’s service and repair history. This gives customers a personalised, yet consistent experience across the dealer group.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Check Sheet

Did you know that Superservice Triage has custom check sheets for hybrids and EVs?

Our latest upgrade automatically displays the correct check sheet when you put in a VIN for a hybrid or electric vehicle.