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With an eVHC, no revenue opportunity is ever lost

By August 10, 2015May 8th, 2020Service Drive

Build stronger, more profitable customer relationships with follow-up calls facilitated by an electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC)

Longer vehicle ownership periods mean that there is an opportunity for genuine dealerships to identify and close more work per Repair Order. However these days, customers are extra wary of being taken for a ride in an unfamiliar environment and charged for a list of items that they don’t really understand.

triage-followupThere are a few tools that you can use to close more sales on the day. An electronic Vehicle Health Check system (eVHC) with photo and video capture, can go a long way to building customer trust through a more transparent service experience. When the customer can visualise the extent of damage and the necessity of repairs, the purchase decision to authorise repairs becomes significantly easier and less stressful.

Automated, digital pricing of required parts and labour can also influence immediate on-the-spot Repair Order acceptances. It delivers the critical pricing transparency that customers appreciate. When a customer understands that the same consistent and automated process is used to price everyone, they’re more comfortable that they’re not being overcharged.

Despite this, some customers will still have reasons for declining repairs on the day of service. Whether it’s due to finances, time constraints or the desire for a second opinion or quote, the best online eVHC systems such as Superservice Triage ensure that declined work and revenue opportunities are not lost in a giant paper black hole like a filing cabinet or draw, never to be looked at again.

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Instead, Superservice Triage organises and diarises declined work from the eVHC so that customers can be contacted at a future date for follow-up. It alerts the Service Advisor when follow-up contact should be undertaken with the customer.

Courteous and timely follow-up customer contact is an important step to building lasting customer satisfaction. It gives the Service Advisor another opportunity to explain the necessity of repairs before issues become a greater safety liability or a more costly repair. This helps build stronger customer relationships based on a foundation of transparency and trust, while maximising repair opportunities that could otherwise slip to aftermarket providers. Service Advisors can also use follow-up calls as an opportunity to get creative with sales strategies and offer customers an additional incentive (if necessary) to return to the dealership.

Best of all, as Superservice Triage is an online system, follow-up contact can be arranged at a time that maximises customer convenience. You can schedule calls outside business hours or on weekends, with full access to all inspection reports, notes and captured photo and video. This empowers staff to discuss repairs with confidence, professionalism and expertise, build trust and help the customer make an informed decision.

It’s much more cost efficient to make timely contact with existing customers to follow-up on declined work, than undertake expensive marketing campaigns to conquest new customers. With an eVHC like Superservice Triage, not only do you close more sales on the day, you build stronger relationships with your customer base and open up a second revenue stream that can be consistently mined.

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