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Comprehensive analytics anytime, anywhere
Real-time access to news, products, resources & media
Workflow optimisation, boosting productivity & customer service
Powerful CRM with offer creation & bid management
User activity tracking, driving the right behaviors, performance & sales

Convert more prospects. Improve customer management. Drive higher sales.

A frontline sales transformation solution with prospect profiling, offer creation and productivity improvement features that works with your existing back office systems.
Netlube CRM helps convert more prospects, manage existing customers better, boost profitability and team productivity.

How it works

Profile prospects and manage existing customers.

Generate high quality offers and promotions in real-time.

Close more prospects and up-sell customers with ease.

True frontline transformation, anytime, anywhere, using any device.


  • Visit Scheduling
  • Call Logging
  • Task Management
  • Resource Access
  • Action Assignment*
  • Workflow Management*


  • Sales History*
  • GPS Tracking
  • Time Tracking
  • Customer GEO Mapping
  • News/Bulletins Engine
  • Automated Reporting*


  • BI Dashboards*
  • Prospect Profiling*
  • Offer Generator*
  • Promotions Engine
  • Order Placement*
  • Product Recommendations

*Default options offered or can be customised. Some features may require integration with existing back office systems. All requirements scoped and costed at outset.

What does Netlube CRM do?

Manage Customers Better

Identify and profile your customers. Everything you need to know about every customer and every interaction, all in one place.

Marketing Engine

Promote better. Deliver your promotions easier, faster and more professionally through our promotions engine.

Offer Creation

Close prospects. Generate high quality offers in real-time, helping you close more prospects and upsell customers, in a faster and easier way than ever before.

GPS Tracking

Real-time user tracking and stamping.

User Usage Statistics

Measure usage compliance ensuring best ROI.

Visit Statistics

Hit your KPIs and drive higher productivity.

Export to File

Extract data anytime for any other reporting requirements.

Access Everything

Information at your fingertips. Get real-time access to News, Products, Resources and Media.

Improve Workflow

Workflows can be configured to suit your unique business processes. Create tasks, raise issues, take photos, place orders and add quick notes.

True Business Intelligence

Grow profits better. Identify opportunities and threats across your customer base. Set targets, view forecasts and observe purchase trends.