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Lubricant recommendation database to help sell more lubricants

A powerful database that matches OEM equipment specifications with the latest lubricant products from the world’s leading oil companies.
Netlube Data empowers leading oil suppliers to recommend and sell the right lubricant products to end consumers.

How it works

Quickly search and identify vehicle type and model.

Select the required lube compartment.

View recommended lubricants and product information.

Since the early 1960s, some of the world’s leading lubricant suppliers have selected Netlube and our range of high quality marketing publications and tools to help sell their products to motorists and workshops in the Asia Pacific.

A recommendation you can quote on

Netlube – A range of database products used by the leading oil suppliers in the Asia Pacific region to sell high volume and high value lubricant products to end consumers.

Whatever your point-of-sale lubricant marketing needs are, we have the experience, information, ability and passion to deliver it. Our solutions create:



Highly experienced and knowledgeable team of technical analysts


Coverage for the lubrication needs of virtually every piece of powered equipment on the market


Unrivaled research and assessment processes to drive lubrication sales


Mobile application

Available via iTunes & Google Play


Online integration to oil companies’ websites

PC Lube

Local installation via CD-ROM or USB flash drive

The resulting recommendations assist in fast and accurate lubricant selection for a comprehensive range of engines, transmissions, differentials and hydraulics across 12 different categories of vehicles, machinery and equipment:

Cars, Wagons, Utilities & Car-type 4WDs
Commercial Vehicles – Light / Medium & 4WDs
Commercial Vehicles – Heavy & 4WDs
Motorcycles – Road, Agricultural & Trail
Marine – Outboard Motors
Marine – In-board Engines
Industrial & Stationary Engines (Petrol & Diesel)
Power Saws & Light Power Products
Lawn Mowers – Ride On (Including Garden Tractors)
Farm Tractors & Machinery
Earthmoving, Construction & Industrial Equipment
Industrial Vehicles (Including Forklifts)