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Quote quickly and accurately with instant pricing
Automatically records declined work for future follow-up
Comprehensive, real-time reporting and analytics
Identify more work with a guided, VIN-specific VHC
Photo & video evidence increases service conversion

Digital vehicle inspections maximise customer satisfaction and profits

An online, mobile-friendly Vehicle Health Check (VHC) system, enabling service staff to identify, price and recommend additional repair work.
Superservice Triage™ empowers Service Advisors to deliver an easy-to-understand, fully priced vehicle inspection report with transparency and efficiency.

How it works

Perform a VIN-precise vehicle inspection and capture photo/video evidence of identified repair work.

Email the customer an inspection report with photos/videos to their smartphone, for online self-authorisation.

Close sales instantly and automatically record declined repair recommendations for follow-up at a future date.

Inspection-based selling that’s fast, profitable & measurable

Superservice Triage is a quick and transparent eVHC system that keeps your customers informed and involved in their vehicle’s servicing.

The results? Customers who are trusting of your staff and repair recommendations. This leads to increased sales of parts and labour, improved sales closure and higher customer satisfaction.

Time is money!
Fast recommendations = customer more likely to say ‘yes’.

service conversion

* Based on Hyundai America case study for their Express Service program

Automated, Integrated & Easy-to-Use

Superservice Triage transforms the customer experience with a fast, engaging and personalised inspection process. It positions staff as problem solvers in the eyes of customers; empowering them to identify more work, sell with confidence and close more sales.

All features are user-friendly, highly intuitive and available online 24/7. Unlike a manual paper-based checklist, Superservice Triage improves productivity and accountability for advisors and technicians with a digital, guided approach for every RO that can be tracked in real-time.

Photo & Video Capture

Build Trust through Transparency. Providing photo and video evidence of repair recommendations makes it easier for staff to explain the extent of the repair, required parts, labour and price. Your customers will feel more informed and engaged in their vehicle’s servicing, leading to higher service conversion rates.

Instant Price Quoting

VIN-Precise and Accurate. With full integration to Superservice Menus™ VIN-precise quoting; parts, labour, shop supplies, quantities and pricing are instantly available. Staff are empowered to quote quickly and accurately for complex repairs, reducing the time spent researching parts information and labour times. This delivers the critical price transparency that maximises on-the-spot authorisations.

Real-time Reporting

Better Decision Making. Comprehensive real-time analytics give you the key insights to increase staff performance, sales closure and profits.

Identify, track and report on VHC sales metrics with point and click simplicity:

  • Number of Inspection Reports Created
  • Total Value Identified and Sold
  • Averages Sold per Advisor/Tech
  • Service Advisor Performance
  • Technician Performance
  • Sales and Conversion Rates
  • Percentages Sold/Declined
  • Reasons for Deferred/Declined Work
  • Jobs Sold on Follow-up
  • Tyre Sales

Customer Engagement

Improve Customer Experience and Retention. Build trust by providing customers with an informative, easy-to-understand and professionally presented vehicle inspection report, complete with visual evidence and accurate pricing. The report can also be emailed to customers, giving them the flexibility to view the report and authorise work online.

The transparent and engaging process fosters customer involvement, and gives customers a sense of being in control of the situation.

Job Status Alerts

Visual Status Tracking and Real-time Alerts. Superservice Triage tracks the status of the vehicle and alerts staff to changes in the vehicle status. This allows Service Advisors and Technicians to know where a vehicle is at any time, maximising the efficiency of the dealership’s service process.

follow up

Declined Work Follow-up

Maximise Revenue Opportunities. Superservice Triage automatically organises and diarises declined work, and alerts Service Advisors to systematically contact customers at a future date. This empowers dealerships to maximise each VHC and close sales that could otherwise slip to competitors.

Following up on customers demonstrates customer care and helps build trust. It also increases service retention by encouraging customers to return to the dealership for future repairs.