Code of Conduct

Infomedia’s Code of Conduct applies to all employees of the Infomedia Group Companies and provides guidance to ensure that legal and ethical standards are observed. The Code promotes company loyalty, candour and care and assists in the avoidance of any conflicts of interest and is summarised below:

Infomedia’s core values are:

  • Accelerating Performance – Infomedia is always action orientated and accountable to its customers;
  • Driving Innovation & Service – The technology leadership at Infomedia empowers our customers;
  • Navigating Global, Steering Local – Infomedia’s is unified in its approach to customer benefit with local execution; and
  • Having Fun in the Fast Lane – Hard work is balanced at Infomedia with a fun and vibrant workplace.

Responsibility to our People
Infomedia is committed to creating a safe and secure workplace for its employees, fostering mutual respect and diversity. The Code of Conduct contains general provisions relating to health & safety, equal opportunity, anti-harassment and bullying.

Responsibility to our Customers
Infomedia’s Code of Conduct is underpinned by trust, integrity and mutual respect for its customers. The Code prohibits illegal or unethical behavior and external business activities which are defamatory, discriminatory, offensive or have the effect of impairing dignity.

Responsibility to our Shareholders
Infomedia is committed to preserving and growing shareholder value. The Code of Conduct together with the Company’s Share Trading Policy prohibits individuals with access to Infomedia’s price sensitive information from trading in the Company’s securities or the securities of another entity, including but not limited to suppliers or parties negotiating with the Company.  Infomedia complies with all applicable ASX listing rules, corporation and securities laws and regulations to ensure that material and non-public information are used in accordance with the law.

Infomedia is committed to protecting the confidential and sensitive information of its employees and external stakeholders. Confidential information will be kept in accordance with Infomedia’s Privacy Policy.

Ethical Conduct
Infomedia is committed to conducting business, with integrity, respect, transparency and accountability. The Code of Conduct establishes:

  • reporting procedures and procedures for seeking guidance where areas of concern exist;
  • procedures for the notification of matters which potentially involve a compliance or business risk; and
  • guidelines for the resolution of grievances.

Infomedia is a global organization committed to diversity, human rights and sustainable business practices. The Code encourages employees of Infomedia to contribute to the community in which it operates.