Auto PartsBridge builds strong customer connections for Toyota of Walnut Creek – increasing sales and reducing body shop parts costs.

“our part sales went up
using Auto PartsBridge”

– Annie Thompson, Wholesale Parts Manager

Toyota of Walnut Creek, CA

Nearly half a century ago, Toyota of Walnut Creek, California, opened to serve the people of the Bay Area. Now in its third generation of family ownership, this leading dealership continues to pride itself on exceeding customer expectations and building lifelong relationships. In its vision statement, Toyota of Walnut Creek stresses that it values customer retention above all else. Auto PartsBridge has helped them build mutually beneficial relationships with their body shops.

“I was very excited to find a system that would help me attract new body shop customers and build our parts sales,” says Annie Thompson, Wholesale Parts Manager for Toyota of Walnut Creek. “A real key to our success and a benefit for our body shops is being able to sell parts far more competitively. Auto PartsBridge helps them capture a lot more of what would have been aftermarket parts sales. Our body shops love it.”

“I’ve been using Auto PartsBridge for nearly a decade, and during that time I’ve signed up more than 90% of the body shops that I’ve demoed,” continues Thompson. “Once they see how super-easy it is to use and how it can save them time and money, they’re sold.”

Accurate, Simple, Powerful
“I really like the accuracy and convenience of Auto PartsBridge and so do my customers,” says Thompson. “It enables them to look up their own parts anytime, right from their shops. They can actually view the parts they’re ordering. Since it uses VIN-specific OE information, they get all the right parts they need. It definitely reduces mistakes and returns. It also helps them with more accurate and complete pricing, which matters a lot to their customers.”

Reliable Performance & Support
“We really haven’t ever had any problems with Auto PartsBridge,” says Thompson. “It’s totally reliable, which makes my job easier. The support they provide is awesome. Their team really knows their system, and they’re great to work with. Reliability is big for our body shops. An unreliable system is a deal breaker. They have to be able to count on it to work right, and they can.”

The Bottom Line
“Auto PartsBridge does what it says it will do ,” concludes Thompson. “It’s a great way to increase your sales, get more customers and build terrific relationships with body shops. They love it when you save them money on parts and make it easier to do business. It sure works for us.”