Bellinger Vauxhall Seamlessly Upgrades to Superservice Triage V2 For Improved User Experience & Customer Retention

“We have used Infomedia’s software since 2009 and they have consistently
been brilliant
for our needs!”

– Alan Rixon, Aftersales Manager
Bellinger Vauxhall

Alan Rixon, the Aftersales Manager at Bellinger Vauxhall, Wantage recently upgraded their electronic Vehicle Health Check solution from Infomedia’s Superservice Triage V1 to V2.

Over the years, Superservice Triage has undergone several improvements based on actual feedback, to meet the changing needs of dealers and customers.

“We have used Infomedia’s software since 2009 and they have consistently been brilliant for our needs!” said Alan.

Next Gen eVHC

The new features and updates in Superservice Triage V2 improve the user experience and further builds on driving customer trust and retention.

“Superficially, it looks a bit different to the previous version, but the nuts and bolts are the same. It’s even more intuitive and we LOVE the electronic T-Card tile feature which is very clear and simple to manage and control,” continued Alan.

Additional Features

Besides the new Jobs Today T-card tile feature, Alan is also excited about the Automated Deferred Work function in Superservice Triage V2.

“We’re so glad we have made the change, giving us the opportunity to get up to speed with the additional functionality. I’m especially looking forward to using the automated marketing features which I have no doubt will significantly offset the minimal cost of the upgrade!”

Customisable Solution

With 3 franchises to look after, Superservice Triage V2 enables Alan to individually brand the inspection report and customer authorisation form, making them more professional and brand consistent for the customer.

“It’s all there via Advanced Settings. I can change and control most things myself, which is much better for usability and tailoring the solution to meet our needs,” said Alan.

Seamless Transition

Despite going “cold turkey” to transition from Superservice Triage V1 to V2, the switchover was easy and seamless, as everything was supported by Infomedia’s Customer Service and Training teams.

“To encourage adoption, we decided to switch V1 off and launch V2 overnight, giving my team no option other than to jump straight into using the latest version. This worked really well as everything was set up perfectly for us to use right away.”