H.R. Owen selected Infomedia’s Superservice Triage eVHC for usability, professionalism and adaptability.

“Superservice Triage works so well for us. We can be entirely transparent and offer our customers a professional and thorough overview of the work.

– Phil Cooper, Aftersales Business Development Manager,
H.R. Owen.

H.R. Owen is a UK-based prestige and sports car official franchised dealer and service specialist, where the aftersales team provide a premium service that exceeds customer expectations for brands such as Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bugatti.

Shared Passion
H. R. Owen’s motto is “from the showroom floor to the workshop, everyone shares a passion for thoroughbred and high-performance cars”. With that comes a necessity to ensure all the supporting software to manage the dealership and optimise service performance, is innovative, robust, efficient and reliable – which is why they selected Infomedia as a key supplier for eVHC and reporting.

Phil Cooper, the Aftersales Business Development Manager, joined H. R. Owen to develop the aftersales department and introduce an eVHC solution. After extensive research, he selected Infomedia’s Superservice Triage eVHC because it’s user friendly, professional and adaptable to their requirements.

Professional and Thorough
“Superservice Triage works so well for us. In the workshops, our technicians and advisors can easily operate the system. Most importantly, it offers our customers a professional and thorough overview of the work. We can be entirely transparent and explain jobs to our customers. The prominent walk-around video is of prime importance to the whole process and supports the important additional revenue available, and additionally structured follow up aids retention,” said Cooper.

Premium Experience
Unlike other dealer groups, cost efficiency is not a primary objective for H.R. Owen. Promoting well equipped workshops and highly skilled specialist technicians, it is essential the aftersales team deliver an easy, efficient and consistently premium experience on all service and repair work. Most importantly, they need to satisfy customers and build trusted, lasting relationships with them by delivering professional and branded communications at all customer touchpoints.

“The customer feedback we’ve had on Superservice Triage has been only positive. We are delivering a premium service to high net worth individuals and it is important our service solutions support this delivery throughout the whole customer journey.”

Continued Relationship
“We are excited about the forthcoming enhanced reporting suite which is really going to help us get the most from our software. Customer support is excellent, and our Account team are always receptive to changes and adapting systems to work for us,” said Cooper.

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Superservice Triage empowers Service Advisors to deliver an easy-to-understand, fully priced vehicle inspection report with transparency and efficiency.