Advanced technology, powerful management reports, intuitive  functionality and customer-friendly communication tools make Superservice ideal for Hyundai of Yuma.

“Using Superservice has increased
our parts and service sales
and our dollars per RO are up over

– Abe Razick & Adil Kakish, Co-Owners,
Hyundai of Yuma, AZ

Hyundai of Yuma, Arizona, is an impressive success story. After working their way up in the dealership business for over 20 years, co-owners Abe Razick and Adli Kakish overcame numerous challenges to open their own dealership in 2015. From day one, their dealership performed far above expectations. Today, Hyundai of Yuma is the fastest growing Hyundai dealership in America. Superservice repair quoting and electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) system has played an important part in helping achieve that success.

According to Erwin Raphael, Western Region Director and General Manager for Hyundai Motor America, “Abe, Adli and the employees of Hyundai of Yuma have incredible passion and commitment. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He continues by saying, “Superservice changes the way our customers experience service. It’s by far the best system available. This is the way service should be delivered.”

“We installed Superservice as soon as we bought the dealership, to make sure we were prepared for our customers right away,” says Razick. “It gives me the management information I need and makes things simple for our service advisors and parts counter people. I especially like its great customer service tools. Superservice helps us do a better job every day.”

Enhance Customer Service
“For me, it’s all about creating a positive customer experience,” continues Razick. “They need to know that we are looking out for them, and Superservice definitely helps. Instead of just telling customers that they need a repair, we can show them pictures of their worn parts. When they see it on an iPad in full color, they get it, and they believe it. That significantly reduces deferred service. Superservice also makes it easy to generate clear, accurate, professional quotes. Customers understand and trust us more. Taking care of our customers has made us #1 in our district in CSI scores.”

Simplify & Improve the Process
“I really like the way Superservice has streamlined our process,” continues Razick. “For example, it usually takes us only five minutes to get a customer a quote, when it used to take twenty-five. It works wirelessly on tablets, so our people can use Superservice anywhere. That saves time, and it’s much easier. It’s also a more accurate way to manage repair quoting and VHCs. It’s great for morale in our service and parts departments.”

The Bottom Line
“Superservice, makes life so easy,” says Razick. “My partner, Adli, and I are very passionate about our customers, our employees and our dealership. Superservice helps us do a better job with all of them. We can really count on it and the service we get from the Superservice support team. Superservice is the best.”