Superservice Triage helps empower Service Managers to streamline their process structures at Nissan Nordics.

“Having a digital, actual view of the vehicle enables our Service Advisors to support a customer throughout their journey with us.”

– Siim Tael, Product Service Manager
Nissan Nordics

Siim Tael is the Product Support Manager for Nissan Nordics. He has nearly 30 years of aftersales experience and a long working history with Infomedia. He recently implemented Infomedia’s Superservice Triage electronic Vehicle Health Check (eVHC) system for the Nissan Nordic dealer network.

“In 2017 as I took responsibility for Service Programs for Nissan Nordics, Infomedia were already working with us, providing an Electronic Parts Catalogue and Menu Pricing solution. The service we were receiving was great and encouraged me to look at Infomedia when we started reviewing electronic Vehicle Health Check providers on a local level,” said Siim.

Professional VHC System
“Infomedia’s Superservice Triage eVHC solution was so suited to our requirements. It enabled us to work with multiple suppliers at once by integrating products seamlessly, which really helped. Compared to other suppliers, Superservice Triage was reliable and consistent.”

“A log or record of the car’s health is so important for the Service Manager. It gives them peace of mind in terms of what customers receive when coming in for a service, plus the condition of the car before our work is undertaken. Having a digital, actual view of the vehicle enables our Service Advisors to support a customer throughout their journey with us. The professional output qualifies the work we carry out.”

Successful Rollout
“To get us up and running successfully, we were shown Superservice Triage live in action and we loved it. We were then supported with ‘Train the Trainer’ training, to cascade product information down to our field sales force, who were then coached to be Triage ambassadors.”

“As a result of this on-boarding program, we created a dealer motivation scheme which included a dedicated ‘Triage Target’. This scheme has resulted in stimulated usage – giving our Service Managers a more consistent offering throughout our dealer network. It also empowers Service Managers to control and manage service technicians while streamlining our process structure,” said Siim.

Longstanding Partnership
“Nissan will continue to use a number of Infomedia’s solutions. Infomedia are professional, patient, quick and responsive to all of our queries, and offer a consistent professionalism based on their team’s actual experience with the automotive sector. They know what they’re doing and the challenges we face.”

“The team are always keen and willing to help with any question across all of their products, even if we are speaking to our dedicated Triage team. My only wish moving forward is to be educated further on the developing functionality of Superservice Triage as it has so much potential in terms of what more we can offer our customers,” concluded Siim.